Fida Islaih

Fida Islaih - Editor

Indianapolis, IN, USA

I'm a self published author of seven poetry collections. I'm poetry editor with 5 years of experience. I help poets polish their poetry.

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I'm a self published poet of 7 books. My poetry books are about culture, faith, grief and self love. As a freelance poetry editor I work with poets who want to self publish their poetry book. I edit individual poems and poetry chapbooks. I love working on manuscripts related to cultural identity, mental health, grief and self love.

With my editing I help writers show their vulnerabilities through stories. My poetry critique looks for the flow of the poem, sees if there are any holes in the story, if any pieces are too similar or sticks out from the others, etc. My editing rounds are interactive. In between editing rounds I send the notes to you to work on.

By the end of the editing session your poetry book will be stronger with emotion and tight with grammar. I'll gift you with a personalized editing checklist. It will help you know what to ask yourself to improve your writing. You’ll take what you’ve learned and apply it to future poems and books.

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1 week to 1 month.


"The (notes) were very helpful to overcome the vagueness. I was worried that it might be too explicit which is why I was a bit vague on that part, but I realized that it'll give more structure to my poem and overall message." - Shirley Chen
English (US)
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Work experience

Poetry Editor

October, 2016 – Present (almost 6 years)

I provide three rounds of editing. Along with grammar and punctuation I look at the structure of the manuscript. That includes looking at the individual poem and the flow of the whole collection. By structure I mean looking at where the line breaks and punctuation should be placed. If the poems don’t have a strong impact I’ll suggest rearranging lines and stanzas. I also ask specific questions for the whole to show emotion and tell the whole story. Lastly, I brainstorm creative titles.

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