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Viborg, Denmark

Award winning children’s books illustrator and designer with more than ten years of experience, bringing stories to life!

Work experience:

  • Feltrinelli
  • Sulan Dun
  • Billie Urabazo (writer)
  • Huginn Thor Grétarsson
  • John bishop
  • Myra Withers Pitts
  • Larry Truesdale
  • Sarah Sommer
  • Jessica Kemp
  • Sonny Evans
  • Ellen Krohne
  • Thomas Anciso
  • Tom Armbruster
  • Kelly Rosa
  • Brianna Jackson
  • Sassy the squirrel monkey
  • Priyanka Metha
  • Melissa Gaber
  • Erica Mason
  • Vianlix- Christine Shneider
  • Lindsey Wagner
  • Nadine Khreino
  • Vianlix - Christine Shneider
  • Cassidy Scarborough
  • Editors of Chartwell Books

Services: Design Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design

Genres: Picture Books, Children's, Fiction, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Young Adult, Education & Reference, Non-Fiction

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“Stand out from the crowd” is a line you’ll often hear from motivational speakers, but did you know that it applies to book covers as well? Readers buy with their eyes, and their choices are mostly influenced by which covers instantly capture their attention. This just shows how every time a book is made available in a bookstore, it’s a competition to stand out from the other books placed on the shelves. Humans are highly visual creatures, and you might want to take advantage of that in order to sell a copy.

That's why hiring an excellent cover designer in Denmark is the next best thing your book needs. Here at Reedsy, we have top-notch designers who are experts in graphic design and typography. They can design compelling book covers that immediately tell a story before the readers even begin lifting the pages of your book. A combination of an artistic cover design and great storytelling are essential factors to become a best-seller, and that’s what our professionals offer. Get to know the best cover designers in Denmark by signing up to Reedsy today.

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