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Reedsy is the foundry of bestselling books. We know that quality is the key aspect of any great book. That's why we've built a marketplace of professional editors, designers and marketers, who can assist authors and publishers through every stage of the publishing process. However, we don't just allow any-old-freelancer onto our roster. So far only the top 3% of applications have been accepted, ensuring that our professionals are a community of the best the industry has to offer.

But our ambition extends much further than simply connecting authors and publishers with the right professionals. We also provide a suite of collaborative tools that disrupts the collaboration process. In the near future, Reedsy will be able to assist publishers from the first word written on their manuscript, right through to typesetting, publishing and marketing the final book.

Reedsy was founded in London during the summer of 2014 by Emmanuel Nataf, Matt Cobb, Ricardo Fayet and Vincent Durand.

Check out what the press has to say about us:

BBC World News

Reedsy co-founder Emmanuel Nataf was invited onto the BBC to speak about self-publishing.


Reedsy could offer self-published authors a professional edge.

Forbes Reedsy desktop

Writing self-published books can be a messy and disorganized process. Reedsy, a startup based in the U.K., aims to change that.

Lifehacker, editing and design recommendation

Reedsy Connects You With Editors and Designers For That Book You're Writing.

Bloomberg Bussines Week mentions Reedsy

Video from Bloomberg Business Week - Focus On.

Reedsy wins the Futurebook Booktech award
#Futurebook winner

BookTech company of the year!

XpoNorth 2016 interview
XpoNorth - Interview with Ricardo Fayet

Watch our co-founder Ricardo interviewed by XpoNorth 2016

Galleycat - Reedsy debuts digital editing tool

Tech startup Reedsy has released the first version of its digital book editor tool which is aimed at self-published authors.


Reedsy launches its marketplace for indie authors to unbundle traditional publishing houses.

Reedsy Freelance Editing Boost PBS
PBS Mediashift

Self-Publishing boom boosts freelance editing services.

The Bookseller Reeds for Reedsy
The Bookseller

Reedsy: Bending into digital self-publishing.

Publishing Perspectives - Porter Anderson
Publishing Perspectives

‘Reedsy for Publishers’ is on the way, as the two-year-old company rolls out its Reedsy Book Editor. Collaborative functionality is in testing stages now.

Good EReader - Michael Kozlowski
Good E-Reader

Reedsy Learning is a series of free online courses that help new and aspiring authors understand the digital landscape.

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