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The Dragons Blade (The Reborn King)

Michael R. Miller

Dazzling battle strategies, a unique array of characters and an intriguing storyline will keep the pages turning, readers on their toes and up way past their bedtime. Miller’s debut and first in a brand new epic fantasy trilogy is massive, an impressive alien landscape complete with a topography to fit this remarkable tale plus the flora and fauna to fill the on... Read review

Reviewed by Debbie Haupt, 2 days ago

Author spotlight

Michael R. Miller

Michael is a young Scot living in London and getting stuck into writing his first epic fantasy series, The Dragon’s Blade. Book 1, The Reborn King, made the top 20 books in Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off 2016. The second in the trilogy, Veiled Intentions, releases in February 2017. Michael is ‘that guy’ who enjoys discussing the mad fan theories of Game of Thrones eve...

Recently discovered

Code Pink by Rachel O'Day unravels a mystery of Hispanic babies disappearing. It's heart-wrenching and timely with a main chara... Read review

Reviewed by Elizabeth Amber Love

The Auriga Project may not provide the depth of character or worldbuilding that serious science fiction fans crave, but if you ... Read review

Reviewed by Kevin R. Dickinson

A darkly compelling venture into a world where anything is possible, Le Cirque Navire enchants, entertains, and disturbs. A pro... Read review

Reviewed by Anna Brill

A fresh retelling of the Russian fairy tale Ivan and the Grey Wolf. If you love mythology, fairy tales, or epic fantasy, you ar... Read review

Reviewed by Anna Brill

Jessica Bell’s Dear Reflection is a coming-of-age memoir in the style of Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation, spanning the author... Read review

Reviewed by Oren Smilansky

A quirky vigilante murderess is both the hunter and the hunted in this darkly comedic psychological thriller. Read review

Reviewed by Sarah Petersen

Readers who prefer their adventures at a spirited pace may find Ben Galley’s The Heart of Stone a trying read, but those who st... Read review

Reviewed by Kevin R. Dickinson

Moonshine & Magic by Bella Falls will enrapture you in the charming magic of Honeysuckle Hollow and lovable hero witch Charli G... Read review

Reviewed by Elizabeth Amber Love

Young Adult

The Crossing

Michael Doane

In Michael Doane’s debut novel, a young man embarks on an epic road trip to find his Love. As he traverses the backroads from c... Read review

Reviewed by Emily W. Thompson

At times, I struggled to keep going with the book even though I found the main narrative extremely fascinating. I'm glad I fini... Read review

Reviewed by Josh Breinlinger

A barnstorming rip roaring story lifted from the annals of history and brought back to life on the page. Read review

Reviewed by Donald Barker

I felt that it should be truly great science fiction but found it lacked that vital human spark which would have made it so. Read review

Reviewed by Donald Barker

Science Fiction

Disco Sour

Giuseppe Porcaro

In Guiseppe Porcaro's Disco Sour, a mundane plot and protagonist are overshadowed by a vibrant, rich, and blackly comic vision ... Read review

Reviewed by Fred Johnson

Emma Hart is stranded in the town of Spellbound & finds out she’s a witch! With magical mayhem, supernatural neighbours & even ... Read review

Reviewed by The Baking Bookworm

If you relish a story about a retired career Marine who reinvents himself as a fishing captain this book is for you. Read review

Reviewed by Joan Gelfand

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Anna Brill

Science Fiction

As a copywriter and editor, I believe in the importance of human connection and the beauty in how we communicate. I work with clients across genres and in all stages of writing, from brainstorming to polishing. In my spare time, I run, read, and look for cheap international flights. I am at my most content while curled up in my big armchair with a manuscript and a bowl of curry.

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Debbie Haupt


I am an editorial book reviewer actively working for LibraryJournal & RT Book Reviews and also contribute early reviews to multiple publishers and authors. I am a library advocate volunteering in branch and formerly serving on the Board of Directors of my library district. I run The Reading Frenzy book blog and The General Fiction Expats Goodreads group. My Favorite Genres are Hard Fa...

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