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Vienna, Austria

A graphic designer with 10+ years experience in the publishing industry. I've created eye-catching covers for dozens of first-time authors.

Work experience:

  • Self-employed
  • Ahead Media

Services: Design Cover Design Typography Book Interior Design

Genres: Self-Help & Self-Improvement, Non-Fiction, Business & Management, Inspirational, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Humor & Comedy, Women's Fiction

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Not everyone knows what typesetting is β€” let alone what a book typesetter does. A simple but great analogy would be relating a book to a house. A house with an impressive exterior is the equivalent of a book with a great cover. Typesetting, on the other hand, is like interior design. With the correct margins, appropriate font styles, and placement of illustrations, a typesetter can affect the book's mood and determine how easy it is to read.

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