Deborah White

Deborah White - Editor

Bangor, Northern Ireland, UK

I'm a teacher in Northern Ireland and I have an English degree and B.Ed. I love to read and I love to write. I have a talent for editing.

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I love to read books and as a teacher mistakes jump out of the page to me. If you trust me with your manuscript I will handle it with care. I will correct spelling mistakes automatically and I can do the following edits:

Comments on character, plot and voice is the most basic edit.

Detailed Editing available by author Deborah White:
  1. Proofread: Correction of basic typographic errors.
  2. Copyedit: Includes a proofread.
A more involved proofread which corrects grammatical and punctuation errors, rectifies issues with capitalization /capitalisation and spelling, checks factual information, and ensures consistency among character, setting, and plot details.​​
3. Line Edit: Includes a copyedit and a proofread.
An involved and thorough edit that focuses on the language you use to communicate your narrative. It ensures tonal consistency, corrects pacing issues, improves dialogue, clarifies confusing language, and eliminates redundancy.​
4. Developmental Edit: Includes a line edit, a copyedit, and a proofread.
A developmental edit is a process in which the editor works closely with the author during the creation of the book to consult on story structure, character development, genre beats, language choices, style, and marketability.
5. I can create a Bible for your series on Trello.

Looking forward to reading your manuscript,

English (UK)
Children's - Non-fiction
Christian (Non-Fiction)
Middle Grade
New Adult
Romantic Suspense
Young Adult Fantasy


  • English degree
  • B.Ed.

Work experience

Freelance editor on Fiverr
January, 2015 – Present (almost 6 years)

I am a freelance editor on Fiverr. I have a five star rating and I have edited a wide variety of manuscripts.


September, 1996 – Present (about 24 years)

I am a teacher.

Portfolio (5 selected works)

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