W Darrow Fiedler

W Darrow Fiedler – Marketer

The biggest real estate firm, Keller Williams, employs W Darrow Fiedler as a Franchise Investor. He operates in multiple west coast states.


Financier and C-Suite executive W Darrow Fiedler has years of expertise. The world's most prominent real estate corporation, Keller Williams, employs him as a managing director of the KW Commercial segment of the firm. He operates in a variety of west coast states, including California.

Darrow Fiedler is also a multi-office and regional franchise investor who firmly supports the principles of Keller Williams. In addition to the US, KW has expanded its reach to include Canada, Southern Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Dubai, and many others.

Fiedler knows that by working at KW, he can assist others in achieving financial success through various real estate business strategies. KW has increased from 6000 agents to 130,000 since 1999. The Keller Williams business models and systems' goals, visions, values, beliefs, and views motivate Darrow daily.

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Keller Williams

Sep, 2008 — Present

When selling commercial, investment, and residential properties, Darrow acts as the principals' agent.


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