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Seasoned copyediting professional experienced with books, academic and leisure articles. Specialty topics include travel, arts, culture, music, history, food/drink, mystery and legend.
Art Biographies & Memoirs Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Travel
Contemporary Fiction Humor & Comedy Paranormal Romance Short Story
English (US)
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Sep, 2002 — Present

Tiffany Owens is a freelance editor and writer, specializing in travel, arts + music, culture + history, food + wine. Her features have appeared in a wide variety of both print and online publications, including Groupon Getaways, Rand McNally, Home&, Maine Food & Lifestyle, Cranium games + Arizona Highroads. She has also worked as a former managing and manuscript editor, copyediting books and promotional material for Experience Hendrix, Collectors Press and self-published titles for Robins Literary Agency.

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