Taimoor Nawaz

Taimoor Nawaz – Editor

As a book expert, I help authors create marketable books through editing, custom design book covers, and marketing services.


As a paperback book and ebook expert editor who also provides custom design book covers and other marketing services, my primary goal would be to help authors create high-quality, engaging, and marketable books that capture the attention of readers and sell well in the competitive publishing industry.

To achieve this, I would draw on my expertise in book editing, cover design, and marketing to provide a range of services tailored to the unique needs of each author and project. This might include:

1, Editing: As an experienced editor, I would work closely with authors to refine their manuscripts, ensuring that the writing is clear, concise, and compelling and that the overall structure and pacing of the book are effective.

2. Cover Design: I would use my graphic design skills to create eye-catching book covers that accurately reflect the tone, genre, and content of the book while also standing out in a crowded marketplace.

3. Marketing Services: To help authors promote their books and reach a wider audience, I might offer a range of marketing services, such as social media management, book launch planning, and author website design. By offering a range of customized services,

I would help authors create books that are not only well-written and engaging but also visually appealing and effectively marketed to readers. Ultimately, my goal would be to help authors achieve their publishing goals and reach their full potential as writers.
Biographies & Memoirs Health & Wellbeing Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Children's Mystery & Crime Romance Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense
English (US)
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Work experience


Jan, 2013 — Present

As Taimoor Nawaz, Owner & Founder of Naarma Enterprises, I lead a thriving freelance service company, delivering exceptional results through strategic management, client-centricity, and fostering a talented network of freelancers.

IMC - Independent Media Corporate - Geo News

Jul, 2007 — Jan, 2013 (over 5 years)

As a Copy Editor & Associate Producer at Geo News English, I ensured accurate, compelling content and contributed to seamless news production.

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