Suzanne Ondrus

Suzanne Ondrus - Editor

Cleveland, OH, USA

Award-winning poet who brings the jewels in your movie scripts, novels, poems, and stories to shine through expert editing and feedback.

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I am a creative writing professor and award-winning poet who can ensure your work reaches its full potential. A client’s goals are my priority. I listen to your needs. With my Ph.D. in literature (African and women’s literature) and having taught literature, I use my knowledge of literature as one dimension in my critique of your work. I point out such issues as: character development, credibility, story arc and pacing, and dialogue. I provide guiding questions to help you further develop your work. I also can go ahead with edits too. I also ensure grants and proposals are on target, concise and precise. I have gotten a client a UK business visa, having taken a C quality proposal to an A status. I have been helping people of all ages with their writing for over thirty years.

English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Writing & Publishing
Contemporary Fiction
Cultural & Ethnic
Plays & Screenplays
Short Story
Women's Fiction


  • 2013 Reed Magazine’s Markham Prize
  • 2013, Little Red Tree International Poetry Contest
  • 2013, New Mexico-Arizona Book Co-op Awards, Anthology Category
  • Fulbright 2018-2020
  • 2013 Vernice Quebodeaux “Pathways” Poetry Prize for Women (book),

Work experience

Editing & Writing Consultant

January, 2000 – Present (about 23 years)

Portfolio (6 selected works)

Passion Seeds

Ondrus, Suzanne

Reed Magazine, Issue 67

collection, Shelly Weathers, Suzanne Ondrus, Cara Spangler

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