Sean Bodley

Sean Bodley – Designer

Illustrator known for explosive color in science fiction and fantasy stories. Loves action, adventure, and epic environments!


I'm a fantastic artist to work with. Tell me about your vision!

I have been creating custom artworks to fit a client's idea for over 8 years as a freelance illustrator. My specialty is to create images for stories that capture a key narrative moment. The work I do typically involves an important background or environmental element, which relates to characters in the story.

The process I use to work with writers is to read their work and study it. Then, depending on the type of project, I will provide a series of sketches to visualize the client's idea. With their feedback I then create a final drawing. Once the final drawing is reviewed I then proceed to a finished painting. I use photography, 3D modelling, and painting to complete most of my images.

If you have need of an illustrator and feel my style would work well for your idea, please contact me so we can discuss you vision!
African American Fiction Comics & Graphic Novels Dystopian Fantasy Historical Fiction Science Fiction
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Aug, 2011 — Present

Over the past 8 years my company Mount Nittany Studio has done many projects, specializing in illustration for science fiction and fantasy narratives. I love reading the stories that my clients write and creating powerful cover imagery and interior illustrations that captivate the viewer.

I am reliable, have excellent communication, and would love to hear from you about your story!


H. Beam Piper's Paratime stories concern the Home Time-Line on First Level, an advanced civilization based on the outcome of Martian colonization of the Earth some 75,000 years ago. The five Paratime levels met with vastly different outcomes, ranging from the ... read more

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