Scott Onstott

Scott Onstott - Editor

Victoria, BC, Canada

Author and editor with 20+ years experience in both traditional and self-publishing, I have also recorded and produced many video courses.

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I am the author and editor of dozens of books in various genres including software, art, and philosophy. After editing 20 books written by others, and then writing and publishing 18 of my own technical books through a major publishing house, I now wear all of these hats myself when writing, editing, illustrating, and self-publishing my passion-project books (9 to date).

I offer you my experience as proofreader, copy editor, technical editor, designer/illustrator, and fellow author to serve the needs of your projects. The way I like to do editorial work is to start by carefully reading and leaving detailed comments in your manuscript—using either Google Docs' suggesting mode or Microsoft Word's track changes features (your choice)—and submit my edits for your review. We then schedule a time to go over anything and everything you have questions about face-to-face over Zoom. For illustrations, we start by discussing and agreeing on your specific design requirements. Then I create the illustrations, send them to you for review, and we iterate until you are happy with the end results. If you dream of being a published author, I can help you attain your goals with outstanding quality and professionalism.
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Computers & Internet


  • Illustrator
  • Revit
  • AutoCAD
  • Wordpress
  • Excel
  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • SketchUp
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro

Work experience

Independent self-published author

October, 2011 – Present (over 11 years)

I have written and self-published 9 books to date using skills I learned in my freelance work with a traditional publisher, plus many new skills I gained on my own. These include producing hardcover, paperback and e-books on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, plus Gumroad PDFs, Audible audiobooks, and my own invention called the m-book©, which bundles e-book, audiobook, and videobook versions of the same content, an all-in-one online product.

Independent author published by Wiley

November, 2004 – May, 2017 (over 12 years)

I am the author of 18 books (all published by Wiley) on AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds max, and Autodesk VIZ. I worked with numerous acquisitions, developmental, copy, and technical editors in this role for 13 years.

Freelance technical editor contracted by Wiley

February, 1999 – May, 2005 (about 6 years)

I edited 20 books as a contractor at Wiley, where I learned a great deal about the publishing industry and how software books are produced.

Portfolio (42 selected works)


Onstott, Scott

The Divine Proportion

Onstott, Scott

Geometra: Coloring Book

Onstott, Scott

AutoCAD: Professional Tips and Techniques

Allen, Lynn, Onstott, Scott

Mastering Autodesk VIZ 2007

Omura, George, Onstott, Scott, McFarland, Jon

Mastering 3ds max 4

Wiener, Jason

Mastering 3d Studio Max R3

Bicalho, Alexander, Montiero, Alex, Woods, Catalina, Murray, Chris

Mastering Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4

Crowder, David, Crowder, Rhonda

Maxscript and the Sdk for 3d Studio Max

Bicalho, Alexander, Feltman, Simon

Mastering Autocad 2000 Objects

Rudolph, Dietmar, Dietmar, Rudolph

Mastering AutoCAD VBA

Cottingham, Marion

Photoshop 6 Complete

Dave Evans, Greg Jarboe, Hollis Thomases, Mari Smith, Chris Treadaway, Sybex

AutoCAD 2000 Instant Reference

Omura, George, Callori, B. Robert

AutoCAD 2002 Complete

Dave Evans, Greg Jarboe, Hollis Thomases, Mari Smith, Chris Treadaway, Sybex

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