Peter Clark

Peter Clark - Editor

New York, NY, United States

Publishing professional and editor. Fiction and nonfiction with a strong favor for narrative storytelling in all forms.

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I've worked in almost every aspect of publishing except publicity, but my passion is editorial.

My projects have ranged from flash erotica to scholarly nonfiction. I'm very flexible in style, but I am vigilant about pulling out the meat of a story.

I also consult for several major publishers on topics ranging from sales and distribution to production strategy. This experience informs how I advise my freelance editing clients on trends and markets. I want every book I work on to succeed. I'm of the opinion that a good book that isn't read is worse than a book that was never published.
English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Management
Politics & Current Affairs
Sex & Relationships
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction

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