Patrick Dwyer

Patrick Dwyer – Editor

Patrick Dwyer is the founder of the Dwyer Family Foundation. He has worked at Boston Private, Merrill Lynch and NewEdge Wealth


Patrick Dwyer is a finance professional based in Miami, Florida. He attended Providence College, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in History, with a minor in Business. Following graduation, he enrolled at the University of Miami. Here, he obtained a Master’s of Business Administration.

He then took a job at Merrill Lynch as a Private Wealth Advisor. He remained here for 26 years. During his tenure, he built the fourth largest private wealth team at the company. The team had 11 members and managed $3.8 billion in assets. He has also worked at Boston Private and is now at NewEdge Wealth.

Productivity is an important part of how he was able to become so successful. To maintain a productive day, Patrick starts his day at 5 a.m. and catches up on the latest financial news. He is also always focused on winning the task ahead, which helps to keep him focused. He is always striving to become a better version of himself and that mission propels him.

As a child, Patrick’s family was dedicated to giving back to their community. His father gave generously to their church, even though the family wasn’t always in the best financial health themselves. Growing up with this spirit of generosity continuously showcased to him inspired Patrick to want to provide for his community in the same way. This is what encouraged him to start the Dwyer Family Foundation.

Business & Management Humanities & Social Sciences
English (US)

Work experience


Jun, 1993 — Aug, 2019 (about 26 years)

Built 4th largest private wealth team at Merrill Lynch
11 Team members
3.8 Billion in assets

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