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Kristin Erickson

Kristin Erickson - Editor

Beautiful downtown Madison, Wisconsin

Words and design are my passions. I love creating, writing and editing projects ranging from photo captions to 500-page books and magazines.


I'm an award-winning entrepreneur who has created and launched 8 magazines and 4 niche events over the past 20 years.

My dream of owning a publishing company became a reality in 1991 when I created a local parenting magazine that became an immediate success in my home state of Wisconsin. I expected the publication to do well but I never imagined I would invest $7,000 in a business that would end up grossing $1.1 million dollars per year.

It was an exciting ride. Until 2009, when I sold my company, I created niche products targeted to consumers with a need for, and an interest in, publications and events that had never existed until I made them a reality. The targeted audience for my products ranged from senior citizens to teens but most often represented women age 24-74 with a higher-than-average degree of disposable income. Who the audience was, however, really didn't matter in terms of ensured success. What did matter was making certain the proper audience found out about the new product that would be of interest. And that always meant creating a very distinct branding package that consisted of ideal words, ideal graphics and the ideal manner of delivery. After all, if you invent the best snow shovel in the world and only distribute it on a Caribbean island where temperatures average 92° 365-days per year, it's not going to be a success. I make sure I always tell people about a new shovel when the snow is falling outside their door.

After I sold my business I had time to care for my mom, who had been diagnosed with ALS, and to volunteer at my kids' school but I discovered quickly that being an entrepreneur isn't something you did for a while. Apparently, being an entrepreneur is something you are. The need to continue creating, and helping others do the same, became all too evident so I formed a consulting business to help others achieve their business goals and I discovered that the years with my publishing company represented just a part of my story.

Today, there are few things I love more than coming up with the right way to tell someone's story to precisely the ideal audience most interested in hearing it. Whether I'm editing a book, writing an advertising campaign, designing a logo, concentrating on finishing a feature story or developing a detailed marketing plan to ensure a specific company exceeds their goals, I adore the journey. Perhaps most importantly, I continue to believe that those who see the invisible can do the impossible.

English (AUS) English (US)

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