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Professionally qualified & experienced. 120+ books. Children's // Sci-fi & Fantasy // Gaming Worldbuilder


Hi. I'm a professionally qualified & experienced ghostwriter from the UK, who's been in the business of creating fictional worlds for over 20 years. I now mainly focus on children's, sci-fi and fantasy, and worldbuilding in gaming.

With an MA in Creative Writing, I've had 120+ stories published around the world: from picture books & graphic novels to adult mass-market and screenplays, with everything in between. For all ages. For a variety of clients: traditional publishers, independent publishing houses, entertainment studios, companies, celebrated people, charities, and more.

Previously, I've also worked as a fiction editor & author mentor, plus a teacher, bookseller & librarian too!

You can watch a short animated feature written by me by searching 'FATES — BARREN Sci-Fi Short Film (2023)' on YouTube.


Kelley is an amazingly quick and talented writer and I would not hesitate to commission her again for our next writing project. Kelley has also been a dream to work with, always professional and friendly. "

Cavelle Creightney, Senior Commissioning Editor, Harpendore Publishing.

"What an awesome job Kelley has done. I am so pleased and genuinely impressed with Kelley's clever handling of the plot and the overall story, suffice it to say.... a first class job."

Ghostwriting client.

"My 7yr discovered Arabian Nights Adventures books this past summer. She is always anxious to hear the next story in the series. (I) found that the story line moves quickly. It's packed with lots of adventures. There is something unique about this book: unexpected developments and a tidy ending for a book of its length and depth. It has strong lead characters. I believe it's just perfect beginner chapter book. My daughter LOVES it and the book currently lives under her pink pillow :)"

Reader review from Amazon of 'The Adventures of Prince Camar and Princess Badoura'.

Action & Adventure Children's Classics Comics & Graphic Novels Fantasy Science Fiction
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (NZ) English (SA) English (UK) English (US)
  • MA Creative Writing

Work experience


Apr, 2013 — Present

Foxton Books

Dec, 2018 — Jun, 2022 (over 3 years)

House of Editors

May, 2017 — Jan, 2019 (over 1 year)

Acorn Independent Press

May, 2016 — May, 2018 (about 2 years)

Harpendore Publishing

Jul, 2015 — Apr, 2018 (almost 3 years)


As a young man Sinbad foolishly squanders all his money. With no skills and no prospect of a job, he joins a merchant vessel and sets sail from Baghdad, to trade and seek his fortune in the world. But Sinbad soon discovers he has a taste for adventure and a lo... read more
!!A perfect read for Aladdin the Disney musical or film!! Aladdin is a poor boy who lives with his mother in the ancient kingdom of Cathay. One day a strange man appears offering untold riches! Aladdin is not so sure, yet he's sorely tempted. Join Aladdin on h... read more
A brass horse and rider sit atop a dome at the peak of a magnetic mountain, drawing passing ships to a certain doom along the rocky shores of its base. A man made of darkness and weeds silently steers a boat made of seashells, sinking below the water at the sl... read more
A merchant named Massoud mounts his horse one day to go and visit his supplier of nutmeg. Exhausted from the heat of the sun, he turns from the path to seek shelter at a small oasis. Unknown to Massoud, however, this tranquil spot is in fact a place of maligna... read more
The sultan of the Indies has a suspicion. Could it be that Ahmed his son and Ahmed’s wife wish to dethrone him and take over his kingdom? As a test of their intentions the sultan, egged on by the sorceress Shahd, makes various demands of the pair. But how will... read more
Caliph Harun al-Rashid goes disguised through the markets of Baghdad where he chances upon various strange encounters: a beggar who implores the caliph to strike him; a youth who spurs cruelly a mare upon which he rides. Bewildered, the caliph orders them to a... read more
One day a tailor invites the king’s jester to his home to enjoy a festive meal of fish with his wife. But the jester swallows a bone and chokes to death. Fearing punishment the tailor and his wife try to get rid of the corpse. This sets off a series of increas... read more
A sparkling lake set amidst lovely hills is full of fish of an unusual beauty. But when the sultan orders his cook to prepare some, the task is trickier than it seems. The Fisherman and the Jinni is one of the great tales from The Arabian Nights. Enter a world... read more
Today is the great festival of New Year. A gigantic statue of a horse is brought to the palace of the sultan, a gift for His Majesty. Intrigued, the young prince seizes the reins. But this is no ordinary horse and little does Prince Firouz realise the magical ... read more
One day while Ali Baba is collecting wood in the forest he overhears the password to a cave where thieves have hidden their treasure. For the simple woodcutter it’s a dream come true, or is it? The thieves soon find out that someone else knows about the cave. ... read more
Bahman, Perviz and Parizade are three siblings who spend much of their happy childhood climbing trees, building forts and shooting bows and arrows. One day a travelling dervish visits their humble cottage in the woods and talks about a mysterious bird kept pri... read more
One day while Ali Baba is collecting wood in the forest he overhears the password to a cave where thieves have hidden their treasure. For the simple woodcutter it’s a dream come true, or is it? The thieves soon find out that someone else knows about the cave. ... read more

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