Jutta Reitbauer

Jutta Reitbauer – Translator

Freelance translator with lots of experience (+65 books) with elven warriors, sassy heroines, bold dukes, sexy werewolves and grim bikers.


I'm a freelance translator for English-German and editor and proofreader for publishing companies and indie authors specialized in genre literature (romance, erotica, fantasy, science fiction, LGBTQ), but I'm open to work in other fields of literary translation as well.

After obtaining my master’s degree in English and American Studies from the University of Graz/Austria, I worked several years at a law firm until I quit and became a freelancer in 2016.

Since then I've translated more than 2.5 million words (over 65 books) and I'm really happy to continue working in my dream job.

My favorite genres are fantasy and romance and any combination of the two, be it urban fantasy or paranormal romance, and within these fields I've got plenty of experience with sword-wielding warriors, sassy heroines, bold dukes, stubborn werewolves, pointy ears mages and sexy bikers, both straight and gay.

Contemporary Romance Epic Fantasy Historical Romance LGBTQ Fiction Paranormal Romance Science Fiction Urban Fantasy
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  • MA in English and American Literature and Linguistics

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Nov, 2016 — Present

translator, editor and proofreader since 2016