Jolene MacFadden

Jolene MacFadden – Web Developer

Website Designs, Book Formatting and Digital Marketing materials for the indie or traditionally published author.


I am a self published author as well as a website designer and digital marketer. I help small businesses and other writers get their writing projects and social media marketing done. I have been publishing my own non-fiction books since 2014. I have been helping other authors get published and do their own digital marketing since 2015. It has been a slow learning process for all of us.

The landscape of publishing is constantly evolving and changing. Sometimes for the better and sometimes not so much. Traditional publishing is the slowest yet. Thus, the great burst of new indie published authors. We are all wanting to take back some control over what we can write and have published in the way we want it to look. Granted, there is not a lot of money for most of us, yet! But that will come with more training and authors willing to produce quality products for their customers.

I can help you with that. I have helped mystery writers, thrillers and suspense writers, YA writers, children's fiction writers, romance writers and even a fantasy/sci-fi writer with their website, setting up social media accounts, connecting them together and help them craft their messages. The key to any digital marketing campaign is to connect to YOUR readers and consistently post items that are fun, informative as well as about the stories they have published, will publish and are currently publishing. This means you traditionally published authors as well.
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Oct, 2021 — Present

I started a new company called Southern Dragon Publishing to separate the services I offer just for new and established authors, whether you are published or not. I have been creating websites for myself and my clients since the 1990s. I have been a published author since 2014 and have been helping other authors with the self-publishing and website needs as a freelancer since 2015.


May, 2012 — Present

I am a published author as well as an online book seller. I create and published my own books, mostly non-fiction so far, and I sell gently used books in paperback, hardback and PDF eBook format. I assist other North Florida Authors with a Blog Tour and free advertising on my North Florida Writers Blog Tour website.


Book Formatting and Publishing

Getting your manuscript formatted properly for publishing in eBook, Paperback and Hardback format can be a stressful endeavor. Each publishing platform that you use has their own requirements. Then you have want the book to look nice when printed or viewed on the eBook software and on whichever devices that your reader enjoys. Your book cover design has to meet minimum size requirements and you have to get that spine information lined up just so. I have been formatting books in all formats for myself and my clients for 7 years now. I have published on KDP, Smashwords, the old CreateSpace, Google Play and am learning all about Ingram Spark and Draft2Digital and TheBookPatch. I have been designing book covers as well.

Social Media Marketing

Creating materials to assist writers in their digital marketing efforts can be very rewarding. It is so exciting to assist authors in reaching their fans with the current, previous and future stories. One of those is by creating short, fun, and informative videos, posters, and other types of posts that they can use on any and all of their social media pages and their website. I take quotes from their books, create 3D Book Mock-ups and add information to where to purchase those books on memes, ads, explainer and interview videos, and book trailers.

Website Designs

I have been creating website for authors for a number of years. I started in the early 1990s by creating an author fan site for, Dorothy Gilman, she passed away in 2012 but I keep the site maintained and updated in her honor. I created a couple of more fan sites and then moved on to creating websites for other authors. I help them learn as much as they would like to maintain and update their websites after that. Some choose to pay me a small fee to maintain their websites every year ans some even ask for blog post and marketing materials.

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