Edwina Harvey

Edwina Harvey – Editor

Writer and editor specialising in academic, fiction, science fiction and fantasy editing.


I have two diverse backgrounds at your disposal.

Having written Science Fiction and Fantasy for over 40 years, I have edited for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine for 13 years, freelanced for Dragonwell Publishing and Peggy Bright Books and individual authors.
While SF and Fantasy are my specialties I have also edited general fiction, children's fiction, historical fiction and memoirs.

Thirty years working in a major Australian university library (UNSW) has provided me with the experience to edit academic articles, theses (dissertations) and essays. My specialty subjects include law, business and marketing and zoology. I have a layman's interest in cetacean and equine studies.

I believe the editor's role is to help the author's message shine more clearly and brightly.
Anthologies Children's Fantasy Humor & Comedy Science Fiction
Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Law
English (AUS)
  • Australian Science Fiction Award Best Editor (x3)
  • Mary Grant Bruce Award (Hononrary Mention)
  • Diploma of Book Editing & Publishing

Work experience


Jul, 2013 — Present

I have edited Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories, poetry, interviews and articles for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (2002-2015) I have edited SF & Fantasy novels and anthologies for Peggy Bright Books and Dragonwell Publishing (2012 - ongoing)

Operating as Edwina's Editing Services I have copy-edited, edited or transcribed:
*Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror short stories, poems, novels, anthologies
*Children's novels
*Historical fiction

*Academic work including
*assignments and articles on
- psychology
- counselling
- business and marketing
- law
*theses (dissertations) on
- phoenix companies
- does product design influence marketing

*a book of scientific observations on Einstein's theory of Unification.

Shapla Books

Jan, 2016 — Sep, 2017 (over 1 year)

Editor of:
On Unification: works of Professor Sakhawat Hossain by Professor Sakhawat Hossain, (revised edition) 2017

Peggy Bright Books

Jul, 2012 — Present

I have co-edited the following SF/Fantasy anthologies for Peggy Bright Books:
Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear. (Various authors) (2012)
Use Only As Directed (Various authors) (2014)

I have edited the following books for Peggy Bright Books:
Rare Unsigned Copy: a collection of writings from Simon Petrie (2010) (OOP)
The Gordon Mammon Casebook (2012) (OOP)
Difficult Second Album: a further collection of writings from Simon Petrie (2014) (OOP)
Flight 404 by Simon Petrie (2014) (OOP)
Tame Animals of Saturn written and illustrated by Adam Browne (2016)
Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body: a Guerline Scarfe investigation by Simon Petrie (2017) (OOP)

Dragonwell Publishing

Feb, 2012 — Present

I have edited the following titles for Dragonwell Publishing:

Lex Talionis by RSA Garcia (2014)
Ashamet, Desert Born by Terry Jackman (2015)
The Chocolatier's Ghost by Cindy Lynn Speer (2017)

I have assisted with manuscript assessment and proof reading on the following titles:
The Blackwell Family Secret by Jonathan L. Ferrara (2014)
Fire and Shadow by Imogen Howson (2016)



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