Sheree Chambers

Sheree Chambers – Designer

Creative designer, marketing expert, freelancer, lover of typesetting and making things beautiful.


I am the founder and Director of Impressum (; we assist author's to self-publish their work.
Typesetting is my true love, I am also an experienced cover designer. I have a network of editors, proofreaders and designers who work alongside me to help make your book-baby the best it can possibly be.

Let me help out with designing and publishing your next book!
Biographies & Memoirs Christian Non-Fiction Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits
Christian Fiction Fantasy Poetry Science Fiction Young Adult
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Jul, 2019 — Present

Morling Press

Mar, 2012 — Present

Morling College

Mar, 2012 — Apr, 2016 (about 4 years)


Jul, 2008 — Present


The 5th Conference of the Australian Association for Mission Studies, Whitley College, Melbourne, 2-5 July 2017This book is the creatively titled, collective output of the international mission scholars and mission practitioners who gathered at Whitley College... read more
Intergenerational cultural differences present serious challenges for effective teamwork, sustainable leadership, congregational unity and membership retention. Using historical and empirical research, Dr Michael Chu reveals the relatively low levels of cross-... read more
What would the church look like if we modelled the diversity of heaven in our local communities? Mathew Kuruvilla, Senior Pastor of Parkside Baptist Church, shares some of his experiences building a multiethnic church community and challenges the church to bec... read more
‘A heartwarming story of friendship, courage and the things that unite us all.’ Fiona Higgins At the age of ninety-two, Marie runs a much-loved café from the house her single mother Rose built in the 1920s. A warm and welcoming refuge for many, Marie is determ... read more
One Life One Chance

Luke Richmond

Born to nomadic parents and humble beginnings, Luke Richmond grew up running wild and free in the Australian outback. After finishing school, he joined the Australian Army and served his country overseas as a qualified infantry soldier – an experience that spa... read more

Sheree Brugel

On what seems like an ordinary morning, Benjamin spies a movement on the train platform. What unfolds is an unforgettable encounter with Sir Arnold, the lizard, which is destined to change his life forever. Be transported into the magical and mysterious land k... read more
The personal encounters between Jesus and various individuals as recorded in John's Gospel have long fascinated and inspired readers. The Evangelist tells how Jesus met with different types of people including his mother, a religious leader, a marginalised and... read more
This is the seventh unit of The Lens course. If you want to understand the boundless love of God for his people, the book of Hosea is a good place to start. This unit gives an overview of Hosea the person and his time, and then looks in depth at each chapter t... read more
This first volume of the New Wineskins series introduces the very best of current research and reflection on congregational transformation among Australian Baptists. This volume's authors share the conviction that Baptist congregations must find new ways of en... read more
Am I important ?How do I know who I am?Does my view of myself impact my spiritual health?Does it affect my relationship with my Creator?Does it determine how others relate to me? Will it determine how I live?
Ways to Come Home

Kate Mathieson

“I began to notice how everything out there, in the wild, seemed to move. Oceans. Sharks. Wolves. Elephants. Rivers. Nothing stayed in the same place. I wanted to be like them too, and the only way to do this was to keep moving.” When Kate Mathieson finds hers... read more
Conversations about gender, both inside and outside the church, can frequently degenerate into stale and rancorous disputes in which predictable arguments are traded back and forth, or fade awkwardly away into the tense silences of mutual misunderstanding. But... read more

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I'm an award-winning Art Director, Book Cover Designer and Children's Illustrator who freelances for publishers all over the world.

Perranporth, UK

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I do nothing but covers! So let's start your year with a fabulous cover tailored just for you! It's time to get your book out in the world!

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