Cathy Guerriero

Cathy Guerriero – Marketer

Catherine Guerriero has over 30 years of experience in the education industry and is highly regarded for her expertise and knowledge.


Catherine Guerriero is a professor of education politics and has over 30 years of experience in the field. She has also been involved in the political arena of New York City schools. Her research focuses on the politics of education in the city. Her doctorate degree is in educational administration.

Over the course of her career, Cathy has held various positions in the education industry, including the CEO of New York City's public high schools. She also ran a strategic planning office for a non-profit organization.

Besides serving as a faculty member of Teachers College, Dr. Catherine Guerriero also works as a strategic planning consultant. She helps schools and non-profit organizations in New York City plan for their expansion and develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy.

She's a lifelong athlete who excelled in various sports, such as softball and basketball, during her college days. Currently, she is the coach of the 7th grade girls' basketball team for the Stingrays. She also serves as the head coach of the 7th grade CYO team for the St. Teresa's Academy.

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Work experience

LaSalle Academy

May, 2014 — Present

As the President at LaSalle Academy, one of the oldest boys Catholic high school in New York City, I am blessed to be responsible for the academic mission, the strategic planning, real estate interests, recruitment and admissions, and fundraising for this extraordinary gem of a high school. For 168 years, the Christians Brothers have been providing a rigorous, college-bound education for the poorest young men in NYC, and I thrilled to be able to take them into their next, great "season."

New York University

Sep, 2008 — Present

Teachers College, Columbia University

Sep, 2003 — Present

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