Augusta Scarlett

Augusta Scarlett – Designer

I design and paint book covers for self-published authors. F/SF, romance, paranormal, urban fantasy, and more. I bring your world to life.


I've been working with indie authors since 2015 as a cover designer and artist, specializing in the fantastic. I can design a cover for you from stock images, or I can illustrate it with a cover painting.

Let me bring your world to life.

"I love working with Augusta, who gives me such striking covers, at reasonable cost. This is crucial for indie authors." -- Sherwood Smith, author of Time of Daughters, co-author of the Change series, and many others

"Augusta produces wonderfully evocative covers for my books. Readers and reviewers have praised the covers for capturing the spirit of the stories."--Karl K. Gallagher, author of the Torchship trilogy

"Augusta was a delight to work with - even with a challenging setting. I love her eye for colour and design, and her ability to create evocative covers."--Celia Lake, author of the Mysterious Charm series
Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG LGBTQ Fiction Paranormal Romance Romance Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Young Adult

Work experience


Mar, 2015 — Present

I have been designing and painting covers since 2015.

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