Phil Williams

Phil Williams – Editor

Collaborative, friendly fiction editor helping authors reach their full potential, with expertise in genre styles and English language.


"I’ve always been extremely impressed with the high standard of the edits Phil has undertaken. He is meticulous and stringent in his formatting and grammar fixing, while also being kind and maintaining the authenticity of the authorial voice. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any author or publisher looking for a reliable and trustworthy editor." – Hera Books

"Phil was highly professional, personable and efficient in the work he did for us." – Gallic Books

"a wonderful person, reliable for deadlines, and charges reasonable fees – everything you need in a consultant." – G.A. Kowatch

I'm Phil, a dedicated and enthusiastic editor of all things fiction, based in Sussex, UK. I've got over 12 years of experience in writing and publishing and offer supportive, professional editing services to help you produce the best books you can.

As a member of the UK’s leading editing body, the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), I actively keep up with current professional standards, while taking care to preserve your voice and the conventions of your chosen genre. I'm also a keen student of language (and the author of a popular ELT website), so I do everything I can to make sure your message is delivered clearly and effectively.

I have a background in self-publishing, having produced 16 books myself, including bestselling English language reference books and urban fantasy thrillers. My specialities are the darker side of fiction, particularly gritty thrillers, fantasy and horror, though I've worked with most genres and literary fiction, with clients including both commercial publishers and independent authors.

I guarantee:

- Quick and friendly communication

- A thorough and personal service

- Established budgets with no surprises

- Reliable deadlines

I specialise in copy and line editing services, with broader reports for structural concerns, though I also offer developmental editing and proofreading. I edit in Word with tracked changes so you can see everything I've edited, and you have the final say in what to accept. I also add comments to discuss more nuanced issues.

Editing issues I'll cover in your book include:

- General punctuation, spelling and grammar

- Point of view and head-hopping

- Sentence structure, length and rhythm

- Overwriting or underwriting, including use of adverbs and descriptive language

- Realistic, engaging and varied dialogue

- Timeline, flow and consistency

- Chapter and section openings and endings

- Tenses

- Anything else that you'd like help with

I'm also ready to advise on marketability and the business side of writing!

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I'm always happy to hear from new authors and offer whatever help and advice I can.

Action & Adventure Epic Fantasy Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Urban Fantasy
History Writing & Publishing
English (UK)
  • Developmental Editing (Liminal Pages)
  • Copyediting (CIEP)
  • Scriptreading (LSF)
  • Copyediting and Proofreading (Chapterhouse)
  • Trinity TESOL and IBET

Work experience


Jun, 2009 — Present

Freelance copy editing and proofreading for novels, non-fiction articles and books, and screenplays, as well as for businesses and websites.

I've edited work for commercial publishers and independent authors across a wide range of genres, including crime and thriller, fantasy, YA, historical fiction, drama, literary fiction, academia, art history, politics, and history. My recent clients have included Hera Books, Gallic Press and self-published fantasy authors.


Nov, 2012 — Present

I have written, edited and designed self-published books available in both print and eBook formats. These include the Ordshaw urban fantasy thrillers and a set of bestselling English grammar guides.


Jun, 2012 — Present

Since starting out as a self-published author, I have designed and edited over 30 books, including the covers and interiors (some with multiple editions).

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