Tia Rambaran

Tia Rambaran – Designer

I'm a full-time illustrator and concept artist, with six years experience in book covers, concept art, private commissons, and illustration.


I love the fantasy genre and drawing characters, as well as epic environments. I also have a graphic design background and can suggest typography, layout, etc. A lot of my covers have been for authors, such as Rachel Aaron and Kaia Sonderby, as well as Ulisses Spiele. I have also done work for game studios and companies like Microsoft.
Action & Adventure Fantasy Historical Fiction Poetry Urban Fantasy Women's Fiction Young Adult
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  • Concept Artist at Atomhawk

Work experience


Mar, 2018 — Present

Ulisses Spiele

Mar, 2015 — Present


Jan, 2015 — Present


Forest of No Return is the first expansion for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game. The king of Nostria needs brave heroes to journey into the Forest of No Return and recover a stolen scroll. Dreadful peril lies ahead on a quest that has already claimed the live... read more
A demon ark sent by Witch King Morda draws ever closer to the Aventurian coast. Its hold contains a Black Diamon - a foul creature that is capable of giving birth to demons and undead... and it's pregnant. You must stop the Ship of Lost Souls before it reaches... read more
In the real world, twenty-one-year-old library sciences student Tina Anderson is invisible and under-appreciated, but in the VR-game Forever Fantasy Online she's Roxxy--the respected leader and main tank of a top-tier raiding guild. In the real world, her brot... read more
The DFZ, the metropolis formerly known as Detroit, is the world's most magical city with a population of nine million and zero public safety laws. That's a lot of mages, cybernetically enhanced chrome heads, and mythical beasties who die, get into debt, and ot... read more
Xandri Corelel has spent six months living among the Ongkoarrat after her unceremonious firing from the crew of the Carpathia, and though she misses her home, she has settled into her new life. Then Diver arrives with news that changes everything.The Hands and... read more
Dear Reader,There is no way to write a blurb for this final book without spoiling all of the others. Suffice it to say, mysteries resolve, dragons war, pigeons abound, and no one is safe as Bob’s grand plan finally comes to fruition. But the Great Seer of the ... read more

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