T. Dilley

T. Dilley – Designer

I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in helping self publishing authors bring their stories to life with amazing book cover design.


Design creation is about problem solving, target market focus and really, truly listening to the client. It’s not about superfluous filters and making something pretty, but market research and developing the proper concept. I love working with authors to make their books fly off the shelf with compelling and professional design.
Action & Adventure Dystopian Fantasy Holiday Middle Grade Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense Young Adult
  • BS Graphic Design - Full Sail University

Work experience


Oct, 2011 — Present

Helping self publishing authors bring their books to life with excellent book cover design. Creating compelling design for any market. Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign make up the majority of my work. Image manipulation and photo retouching are huge strengths but I have experience with the entire Adobe Creative Suite - Premier Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver.


Fat Dreams

Idris O.

The city-state of Mayhaven rules the world in the age of an industrial revolution. The only mystery unconquered by its empire are distant tribes, living in the isolation of an impenetrable desert. Professor Leopold Traum, an exemplar of Mayhaven’s character, m... read more
The Promise

Michelle V.

A British backpacker and a dying woman’s last words lead you on an unforgettable journey in this World War ll love story …Isabel and Constance are not just from different generations they’re polar opposites. One’s a lost soul unsure where she fits in the world... read more
A charming new Irish saga seriesA jilted bride to be, a woman with a secret past and a pesky red fox…Take a break you’ll never forget at O’Mara’s Manor House—the Georgian Guesthouse in the heart of Dublin’s Fair City. Its cozy and elegant setting is where you’... read more
While on a dangerous sweep through Chinatown, Paul, a San Francisco cop, flashes back to his days in Vietnam after a bullet rings against the tattered brick walls of a known gang hideout. The sound of choppers is deafening while men are screaming death’s agony... read more
Roisin O’Mara regrets a lot of things. She regrets having just snaffled the out of date Jacobs Club bar she found down the back of the cupboard, and the cheese she ate before bed the night before—it gave her the strangest dreams. Mammy always told her not to e... read more
What goes on tour stays on tour right? Erm not when you're talking about Mammy and Moira O'Mara...Moira and Maureen O’Mara aren’t on your usual mother, daughter trip. You won’t spot them browsing the shops on Grafton Street followed by a spot of a lunch in Dub... read more
A girl with a Mona Lisa smile, a woman who wants to confront her demons, and that pesky red fox…Take a break you’ll never forget at O’Mara’s Manor House with Moira Lisa Smile, Book 2 in the fresh new series - The Guest House on the Green where a full Irish bre... read more
Monday through Friday, Satomi works for the highly bureaucratic CoPet Corporation. She's the only girl in the male-dominated department of Lizard Children Containment. As a squire, her job is to help knights protect the public from Lizard Children. Lizard Chil... read more
When stone calls to stone, Familiars and mages must answer.Lelia Chan's and Tay's chance discovery of a fragment of a blood-soaked knife leads them deeper into what it means to be a shadow mage and her Familiar. Meanwhile, Morgana Lorraine heads west, looking ... read more
Roxanne loves her husband but he is a stranger in her bedroom. Haunted by her past, she struggles to totally be invested in this relationship. Roxanne no longer wants the secrets to define who she is and be constant in her life. She was forbidden to speak of t... read more
Do funerals make you chuckle?Is Hannibal Lecter a really funny guy?Do friends and family keep on telling you "That’s nothing to laugh at"?Is the dark side of humor your thing?Step right up and grab fourteen tales of the darkly humorous, collected for you into ... read more

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