Skyler Watkins

Skyler Watkins – Editor

I am an editor with a specific interest in developmental and copy editing and proofreading.


Having trouble keeping track of details in your manuscript? Dialogue doesn’t seem to flow naturally? The pacing of your plot seems off? I can help with that! As an avid reader who loves to analyze stories, their styles, and their organization, I can offer insight into how modern readers might experience your story and help you develop your work into a compelling end product.

Alternatively, do you need help organizing and polishing an article? Are you looking for clarity in your writing? Good news: I can help with that too! As a junior majoring in English, I have plenty of recent experience in writing articles and clearly-organized essays that smoothly incorporate secondary and primary sources while building up cohesive arguments.

Previous projects:

- Poetry editor, “Fool’s Talk,” Hillsdale College (1.5 years)

- Developmental editor and proofreader, VerGann: The Delpine Diaries, by L.C. Watkins (2022)

- Content writer, Aiken House (2023)

Action & Adventure Contemporary Fiction Fantasy Literary Fiction Middle Grade Fantasy Short Story Themes & Motifs Young Adult
English (US)
  • Pi Delta Phi- French Honorary

Work experience

Aiken House

Aug, 2023 — Present

I am an intern writing content for Aiken House clients' online platforms. This position requires an understanding of each client's intended audience, clear and concise writing skills, and strong organizational skills, as well as the ability to work consistently on a tight schedule.


Jan, 2021 — Present

I am a developmental editor working on a young adult fantasy series by L.C. Watkins, titled The Delpine Diaries.


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