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Ron Frazer – Editor

Author and editor specializing is helping self-published fiction authors with a complete service.


I've published seven of my own novels and three non-fiction books on health. I was a technical editor for a government contractor for fifteen years, followed by 17 years in editing more interesting subjects. I now help self-published authors complete all the steps to publish their work either through KDP-Amazon or IngramSpark. I specialize in copy-editing and proof-reading, interior design and cover design. I would love to turn your manuscript into a book you can be proud of.

Biographies & Memoirs Health & Wellbeing New Age Religion & Spirituality Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Literary Fiction Poetry
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Aug, 2015 — Present


Millennium 3

Ron Frazer

"The woman you truly are, right now, is perfect for where you are on your path, but you must look at yourself honestly and not through some distorted lens -- a lens formed by the ideas of someone else." Women today, at the beginning of the third millennium, ha... read more
Nicole and Gene have relationship issues. While Nicole loves exploring consciousness, Gene is a realist who loves hiking and beer. As the story opens, Gene delivers some hurtful news to Nicole who tailspins until she realizes that she can learn from the experi... read more
Are You 100% Committed to Your Soul's Growth?This is a time of questioning our place in the world — a time of soul searching and soul awakening. Many of us are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, disconnected, lost, lonely and confused. At the same time, we are e... read more
In “The CODE”, Felora Ziari examines the pathways to self-mastery to empower individuals to unlock their inner genius and create harmony between their desires, goals, and destiny and achieve greater success. The CODE is a holistic approach to transformation. I... read more
The poems in this collection are magical songs, written from the heart, leading the reader on a journey of self-discovery, awe and faith. These poems are a gift of healing and “a cry of deliverance and transformation.” She tenderly writes in her poem titled “S... read more
"The Wind Softly Murmurs" is for anyone who has ever grieved over the passing of a loved one. These poems arose from the poet’s efforts to resolve the grief that followed the death of her parents. This book reflects her transformative journey that began while ... read more
What's Likely to Await Us? This book shares the results of author Beverly's unexpected connection with five of her family and friends as they transition to another space. Each event candidly reveals to her their individual twists as they begin life anew--mergi... read more
What is life like after physical death? Can it really be a simple heaven or hell? Our life on Earth is complex so perhaps heaven or hell are equally complex. Where does our soul journey before, during, and after our physical life? Is there really a life before... read more
Health for $1 per DayEven a dollar is too much. Good health can cost nothing. Optimal wellness can not be about expensive pills and tests. It includes fresh air, water, food, balanced exercise, and effective rest. Ideally, there is very little stress.It doesn'... read more
Time Branches

Ron Frazer

Time and Space? No Problem!What if you were in a coma and everyone expected you to die at any moment, but you find that you are free to move in time and space? What would you do with your new freedom?Cailyn Whittaker decides to rewrite her mother's life, then ... read more
Life & Its MeaningOn the Caribbean island of Grenada, Morgan is fending for himself, an orphan, the poorest of the poor in a poverty-stricken country. After living on the streets for a few years following the death of his mother, he meets Alden, a grizzled, ol... read more

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