Mary Kate Lindsey

Mary Kate Lindsey - Editor

Louisville, KY, USA

14+ years writing, editing, and proofreading for universities, museums, nonprofits, businesses, and individual authors.

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14+ years writing and editing copy for universities, museums, nonprofits, and businesses. Have edited and provided editorial assessments for nonfiction historical books and multiple novels. Looking for freelance opportunities where I can help make your story the best version of itself. Based in Louisville, KY.
English (US)

Work experience

Creative Director and Media Specialist

University of Louisville
April, 2008 – December, 2010 (over 2 years)

Chief designer, writer, and producer for magazines, podcasts, and vlogs documenting and promoting program events, including the Distinguished Speaker Series. Edited and proofread essays, journal articles, and multiple book drafts.

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