Sherry Leclerc

Sherry Leclerc – Editor

Experienced editor, educator, and independent author with a B.A. in English Language and Literature and a B.Ed. offering editorial services.


I am an experienced editor, teacher, and independent author with a B.A. in English and French Language and Literature, a B.Ed., and a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing.

I am a Fictionary certified StoryCoach editor and a Writer’s Digest certified copy editor. I am a member of Editors Canada, Editors Atlantic, the Canadian Authors Association, and the Alliance of Independent Authors. My specialties include book and project coaching, story (developmental) editing, copy editing, and proofreading fiction and narrative non-fiction. I enjoy working with independent authors and authors whose first language is not English, as well as editing English translations of works originally written in another language. I am fluent in French and offer comparative editing for French to English texts. I also edit blog articles, non-fiction works in the field of education, and undergraduate and graduate level papers and articles.

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Education & Reference
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  • Copy Editing
  • Story/Developmental Editing

Work experience

The Urban Writers

Apr, 2022 — Present

Copy editing and proofreading nonfiction works for clients of The Urban Writers Ghostwriting Services. Working as part of a team with the client and the writer to produce high-quality ebooks within a strict deadline.


Feb, 2022 — Present

Providing story editing (developmental/structural editing) to Fictionary clients using the Fictionary StoryCoach tool for story editing. As a freelance editor, I provide this service on a contract basis to clients referred to me through Fictionary.


Oct, 2021 — Present

Writing articles on various aspects of writing and editing for the Fictionary blog page.


Jun, 2017 — Present

As an independent publisher and author, I have self-published two fantasy novels (with 2 editions of the first) and story edited, copyedited, and independently published a romance novella. The second installment in the romance series is currently in the editing stage. I have also copy edited non-fiction work in the field of education. This was undertaken and completed while also working as a teacher.

Various School Boards; Various Schools

Sep, 2000 — Present

Teaching French and English language arts to students of various ages. This includes teaching language and writing, evaluating skills, and providing descriptive feedback.