Karolyn Herrera

Karolyn Herrera – Editor

Personal, professional book editing for fiction and nonfiction titles. My goal is to prepare and refine your manuscript for self-publishing.


As a book editor, my passion is to enable clients to communicate their words and ideas in the most appealing way. I enjoy helping clients refine and sharpen their content for publication or personal satisfaction. My featured solution is a complete Book Overhaul.

I am an editor, published author, current and former small business owner, Associate degree graduate, blog writer, avid reader, and native English speaker, with over 25 years of related business, academic and personal experience.

When editing books, I go through the manuscript from start to finish, making copyediting and line editing corrections as I read. Along the way, I insert side comments with questions regarding anything that needs clarification. I will also note any issues regarding images and quotation sources, provide suggestions for additional content, and provide targeted feedback. If relevant front and back matter are missing, I will add them to the book and highlight any missing information. For nonfiction titles, I will provide suggestions for reorganization and subheadings when necessary.

My Book Overhaul is all-inclusive; thus, I do not offer each element of editing as a separate service. The Overhaul also includes formatting for either eBook or paperback publication (choose one). If you plan on self-publishing your book in both formats, the second type of formatting will be handled after the Overhaul is complete. Editing of book cover text (front, back, spine), and marketing copy that you've written is included.

I edit both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts from many genres. My favorite fiction genres to edit include science fiction/dystopia, mysteries, westerns and historical. My favorite nonfiction genres to edit include business, nutrition/health, instruction/how-to, and poetry.

I do NOT provide ghostwriting, cover design, marketing or publication.
Action & Adventure Espionage Mystery & Crime Science Fiction
Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Health & Wellbeing Travel
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Apr, 2015 — Present

Editing and preparing manuscripts for self-publishing.


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