Edmund Bloxam

Edmund Bloxam - Ghostwriter

Cambridge, UK

I can ghostwrite fiction, write to order, edit and proofread and create professional audio and video.

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Professional writing: full TOEIC and IELTS courses-large scale projects. Included article writing, which was a form of journalism.

Also included professionally produced video and audio. I have the equipment and skills for this and principally use them at this time to make audio books for, the audio book wing of Amazon.com. So, I can provide certain services of this type too.

I have proofread and edited: academic papers, journals, academic submissions, novels, articles, amongst other things.

I have worked to strict schedules, particularly related to the above courses, as well as writing six 100 000-page text books in six months.
English (UK)
English (US)
Contemporary Romance
Romantic Comedy
Space Opera
Time Travel
Time Travel Romance

Work experience

Project Manager IELTS

Oxbridge Consulting
March, 2019 – Present (over 2 years)

Design and create materials for online IELTS courses, including videos and audio. The most relevant part of this is the articles, which are the same level of English as standard articles. This means that I have to be careful to be clear, which is a skill that applies to all writing, but don't have to deliberately make simpler English. It thus comes out rather like journalism.


April, 2015 – Present (over 6 years)

See profile-full range of potential assignments from such sources as: amongst others. (I can be found there too, if you look up my name).

I can provide a professional quality editing service, as well as a writing service, as well as video and audio production.


April, 2015 – September, 2016 (over 1 year)

TOEIC course. Similar to IELTS course-see current job.

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