susannah eanes

susannah eanes – Editor

Writer, editor from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia


Published author and editor with over 25 years' experience in developmental editing, copyediting, and writing engaging, clean copy for various clients.
Biographies & Memoirs Writing & Publishing
Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction LGBTQ Fiction Literary Fiction Middle Grade Poetry
English (US)
  • Virginia Highlands Short Story Writing Award

Work experience

Small independent press

Jan, 2012 — Present

I've worked with dozens of debut and established authors, whose books earned prestigious awards (Eric Hoffer, IPPY, etc.), as well as 5-star reviews from Kirkus, Readers' View, and other reputable review sites. Especially interested in assisting with historical fiction and narrative to fine tune that authentic voice.


Here is a fascinating biography of the actor Marlon Brando, which focuses on his unique and mischievous sense of humor, something that has not been done in any previous biography of this actor. Full of anecdotes gathered from meticulous research into the paper... read more
The Smallest Universe

Wm. Anthony Connolly

This book is my memory.So begins a story chronicled in the tattered journal of Mary Cross, kept in an old accounting book that was a gift from her father when she left home at age sixteen. It is a chronicle of experiences, struggles, and breakthroughs of a wom... read more

Dan Smith

It is 1969 and young newspaper sportswriter Eb McCourry’s world is about to change. He is pushed into emergency service by the newsroom when an airline crashes near Asheville, North Carolina, and his first real news assignment is like a drug. With mid-sized Am... read more
Fifteen-year old Shelby’s life has been spiraling out of control since her little brother died and her parents divorced. She gets in fights at school, lashes out at her mother, and can’t find a way to pull herself out of her self-centered vortex of anger, fear... read more
It is 1990 and, while the country stands on the brink of war with Iraq, Kirby Russo is finally at peace with the world. At seventeen years old, he's figured out some important lessons: how to stay out of trouble with the authorities; how to write muck-raking a... read more
CALIFORNIA, 1983. Anneliese is a young ballerina who comes of age as she is performing with a troupe of dancers ten years her senior. Immersed in the new freedom of adulthood, she is enchanted with Rebecca, the seamstress and professional costumer for the comp... read more
The stories in Whispers from the Universe explore the connections between the real and unseen worlds. Where hidden miracles turn expectation on its head, and perception and reality collide with the unknowable. What do we really know about the physical world, a... read more
Draw Down the Moon

Elizabeth Bridges

DRAW DOWN THE MOON, which takes its title from a line in Sextus Propertius's Book I, Love Poems to Cynthia, is the third anthology of short stories assembled by Propertius Press. A woman has her husband's consciousness downloaded into a voice box so they can c... read more
In this collection, stories chronicle changes, where by a lesson, a journey, discoveries, the confluence of ideas, an accident or some other more esoteric circumstances, we become more attuned to the connections - and distances - between the inner and outer wo... read more
Lucky Southern Women

Susannah Eanes

Phoebe Owens Price has raised herself literally by her own sharp wits from the poverty and ignorance into which she was born. Her dearest childhood friend, Sophie Patterson Harris, has done likewise but through very different means. Closer than sisters, they h... read more

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