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Miki Sever


We publish digital books in our unique 3D format which allows buying the book directly from the book itself.

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I am the owner of Tiktakti.
Tiktakti is a state of the art system, It enables you, the author,
to publish your book within 24 hours.
Your readers are able to flip its pages as if they were reading a printed book or magazine.
Tiktakti works in any language and without limitation regarding the number of pages, to be read in any browser on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.
No need to download or to use reading software or devices.

You can add incomparable value to your ebook:
General sound for the whole publication or for specific pages
Video or YouTube
Sign in password for confidential publications
Links to any place in the publication or all over the Internet
Sharing on Facebook, Twitter
Zoom in and out, printing, downloading, etc.
Interactive tree leveled TOC (table of content) of the publication
Variety of designs
Smartphones & tablet version
Comprehensive security against piracy
Full SEO for Google search

It is as simple as this:
You email us your designed PDF file to , and within 24 hours you receive by e-mail the link to your new book and also its files,
(should you want to easily upload it to your Internet site).

You can immediately e-mail the link to your customers, readers,
and your business contacts, display it on your Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

Selling your eBook
Because a a password can be embeded to the book, it becomes easier to sell it directly from the book itself, with no complicated solution requiring e-Commerce.
The password can be activated in the first page or following few pages (for example, on page 11),
which will enable readers to read the first 10 pages for free, but then requires them to buy the book, via PayPal, if they want to continue reading.

Shopping Cart: The book that sells itself
A direct purchase feature will be added to your book, and payment is made direct to your PayPal account.

The link of the book is your sales manager.
Include it in your site, other sites and blogs, comments, posts, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Etc.
5-30 pages are free and then the purchase is done directly. You get 100% of the income!!!

:you can view and read some of Tiktakti's works in the following Link
not hesitate to get in touch with Tiktakti at: .

It is really affordable (approx $250) Author Publishing.