Patricia Ross

Patricia Ross – Editor

English professor turned entrepreneur, now editor, ghostwriter, and publisher. My job is to help make sure what you write makes an impact!


I'm an English professor turned entrepreneur. I am an editor, a ghostwriter, and I'm also the Publisher and Senior Editor at Hugo House Publishers. Our mission is to create books that help uplift our culture by creating sanity on our planet. Our goal is to help our authors create the best books possible so that they can build a reputable author platform. I am able to duplicate the intention of your message and help you clarify it so that readers get it. They're impacted by what you say.
Action & Adventure Anthologies Literary Fiction Picture Books
Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences Finance & Accounting
English (US)
  • Indie, Colo Authors League, CIPA EVVYs
  • Ph.D. English, New York University

Work experience


Aug, 2008 — Present

In August 2008 (literally 10 days before the market crashed), I started Hugo House Publishers (at the time, Roberts & Ross Publishing).
--I got my start in publishing as an editor in 2009, editing for Morgan James.
--from 2001 to 2006, I was a corporate trainer, helping people write better, as well as a tutor for high school and middle aged students.
--from 1993 to 2002, I taught college level English, writing, and rhetoric.


Cree can hardly wait to fall asleep because she knows her dreams bring exciting adventures. Cree quickly finds out that her toy chameleon, Scooter, is very special as he comes alive in her dream . With Scooter's help, Cree's dreams become exciting adventures t... read more
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It's 1942. The world's at war, and even small-town America is awash in fear. . .and hatred. Sis Greggory's beloved brother, Danny, is serving in North Africa. The war news is bad; the Axis powers seem invincible. Where is Danny? They can only wonder. Sis lives... read more
Alternative energy is the current favorite buzzword among politicians and others, but we don't have a supportable and sustainable infrastructure to support it. Our political and economic systems are also too much in turmoil to be able to handle the changes nee... read more
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