Roman Shmundyak

Roman Shmundyak – Marketer

Roman Shmundyak is a serial entrepreneur with many years of experience in real estate, investments, transportation, and education.


Serial entrepreneur Roman Shmundyak has extensive knowledge in the fields of real estate, investments, travel, and education. When Roman first received his real estate license and began working with Masterpiece Communities in 2003, his real estate career officially began. He transitioned to the specialized "in town" loft and condominium market after concluding over 100 real estate deals, where he successfully handled sales and marketing of Troy Peerless Lofts and A&P Lofts for Miller-Gallman Developers.
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Feb, 2012 — Present

In 2012 Alfa X Logistics has been formed to help with the management of its transportation assets as well as provide assistance to other transportation companies. 2016 Alfa X Logistics started providing training and consulting services and created a multimillion-dollar project called LearnDispatch. As a course creator and consultant, Roman has helped people from all over the world achieve their goals.

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