Louis Bruno

Louis Bruno - Editor

Medford, MA, USA

Having worked on science, medical, English, history, and other educational texts, I like to consider myself a teacher-by-proxy.

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While in graduate school, I took a course in copy editing for scientific writing. I found I had an aptitude for it. I investigated the science and medical publishing community in Boston and landed a job as a production assistant in the Little, Brown medical division. After that it was on to Addison Wesley Longman, Blackwell, Jones & Bartlett, and Macmillan. Over the years and over the lay offs, I worked my way up to senior content production manager working with authors, developmental editors, and vendors such as copy editors, proofreaders, indexers, illustrators, photo and permission researchers, and compositors. As my children became interested in going to summer camp and playing school sports, I took in copy editing and proofreading on the side for about 10 years.

I've enjoyed working with all the players in the business, and I've become good friends with many. When working with content providers such as authors, illustrators, and photo researchers, I try to give a little extra by making a suggestion or polite comment about the material if I feel confident enough to do so. Once an author was happy with my correction of the sum of partial pressures in a gas mixture. Even though I been the project manager on many titles, I feel my strengths are in copy editing and proofreading, having done a lot myself and reviewing that of the professionals with whom I've worked. I try to think like a student reading the material. I kind of think if I don't get what is being written, how will the reader?

English (US)
Earth & Space & Environmental Sciences
Education & Reference
Life Sciences
Medicine & Nursing & Dentistry

Work experience

Senior Content Production Manager

Bedford/St. Martin's
January, 2015 – July, 2020 (over 5 years)

Trafficked manuscripts through the production process and worked with full-service vendors, freelance and contracted publishing services companies, through all phases of production.
• Participated in the evaluation of potential full-service vendors by reviewing examples of work.
• Worked with project development editors and authors in preparing manuscripts for production by
reviewing text and image manuscript material and organizing such for transfer to the vendor.
• Prepared and maintained schedules, using Smartsheet software and templates.
• Prepared all cost-estimate paperwork before sending to the vendor.
• Worked with illustration editor in the preparation and review of all new art for a project.
• Kept track of permissions and credit lines for all third-party photos and illustrations.
• Reviewed all copy editing, proofreading, and indexing before sending to the development editor.
• Reviewed all cover copy and cover designs.
• Reviewed printer proofs of text and cover before printing and binding.
• Monitored, evaluated, and built good relationships with vendor’s overseas project managers.

Freelance copyeditor and proofreader

May, 2003 – September, 2012 (over 9 years)

For nine years, while working full time, I had a side business in which I took in copyediting and proofreading assignments for packaging services such as Nesbitt Graphics, Modern Graphics, and Cadmus.

Production Manager

Jones & Bartlett Learning
December, 2001 – October, 2014 (almost 13 years)

Trained and led a team of production editors in science and health book publication. Managed an average of 30 titles a year, including all print and digital ancillary products. Hired and managed vendors involved with projects: copyeditors, illustrators, compositors, indexers, and proofreaders. Managed photo research and permissions for all titles.

Production Supervisor and Manager

Blackwell Science
May, 1999 – December, 2001 (over 2 years)

Supervised all aspects of science and medical book publication, including copyediting, illustration, permissions, photo research and permissions, proofreading, and indexing for science books and journals.

Full-Service Production Supervisor

Addison Wesley Longman
March, 1997 – May, 1999 (about 2 years)

Guided contracted full-service packager vendors through the publication process of business and economic books from manuscript to bound product.

Production Supervisor

Little, Brown and Company
June, 1983 – March, 1997 (over 13 years)

Supervised all aspects of medical and law book publication, including hiring copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers, illustrators, and compositors. Provided my own copyediting and proofreading when required.

Portfolio (10 selected works)


Lewin, Benjamin, Cassimeris, Lynne, Lingappa, Vishwanath R., Plopper, George

Bone Disease in Rheumatology

Maricic MD, Michael J., Gluck MD, Oscar S.

The Other World: Issues and Politics of the Developing World (8th Edition)

Weatherby, Joseph N., Evans, Emmit B., Long, Dianne B., Reed, Ira, Carter, Olga D., Arceneaux, Craig D., Gooden, Reginald

Analytical Mechanics: 7th (Seventh) Edition

Grant R. Fowles, George L. Cassiday

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