Lise Cartwright

Lise Cartwright – Marketer

I love words... words that weave a story and connect with readers. I'm a copywriting whiz and have an affinity for email marketing.


I have 2+ years of experience in the self publishing industry. I've published 20+ books on the Amazon platform.

I am an experienced in email marketing fanatic, having copy-written emails for all 15+ authors I've worked with in the past. These emails range from welcome email series, onboarding reader series, book sales funnels and ongoing weekly newsletter type emails.

I have 5+ years experience in email marketing, having run my own freelancing and author sites during this time, and understand landing pages, opt-in forms, lead magnets, content upgrades plus how to get traffic to your site so that readers find your books. It's kinda my thing :-)
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Work experience

Donna Kater

Apr, 2016 — Present

For this author, I've worked with her from the time her editor finished with the book, formatting the book for Createspace and Kindle, crafting the book description, keyword identification, podcast outreach, street team identification, email marketing (launch emails, welcome series and newsletter) + book launch strategy.

Vikki Spencer

Dec, 2015 — Jan, 2016 (about 1 month)

Edited book (copy edit), formatted for Createspace and Kindle, managed upload process, crafted book description, keyword identification, book launch strategy and execution + email marketing (launch emails and welcome series for lead magnet). Created landing page as well.

Jennie Ritchie

Dec, 2015 — Jan, 2016 (about 1 month)

Formatted book for Createspace and Kindle, created book description, keyword identification and book launch strategy, including social media image creation, suggested email strategies.

Cara Filler

Dec, 2015 — Jan, 2016 (about 1 month)

Book formatting for Createspace and Kindle, crafted and formatted book description, keyword and category identification and book launch strategy, include launch email series.

Jennifer Grigg

Nov, 2015 — Dec, 2015 (about 1 month)

Edited book, formatted for Createspace and Kindle, managed uploading process, formatting and creation of book description, keyword identification and book launch strategy, include launch sequence emails, and suggested follow up series.

Free book launch, #1 best seller within 48 hours.

Adam Carroll

Jul, 2015 — Jul, 2015 (less than a minute)

Formatted book from Word document into Createspace and Kindle formats, including book description creation and formatting, keyword identification and book launch strategy, including social media strategies and email sequences.

Launched book at $0.99 to #1 best seller within 48 hours.

Forrest Willett

Feb, 2015 — Mar, 2015 (28 days)

Reformatted second edition of Forrest's book, Baseballs Don't Bounce for Createspace and Kindle, including uploading process, description formatting and keyword identification. Managed book launch, including social media strategy, street team email sequence and launch email sequence.

Book launch at $0.99, achieving #1 best seller within 48 hours.

Cara Filler

Jan, 2015 — Feb, 2015 (about 1 month)

Formatted book for Createspace and Kindle. Managed uploading process, formatting description, keyword identification and book launch process.

Achieve #1 best seller within 48 hours.

Mitch Matthews

Sep, 2014 — Oct, 2014 (about 1 month)

I worked with Mitch on creating the perfect book launch for his new book, Ignite. Worked closely with the book designer on getting the interior file right for Createspace as well as formatting the book description, completing keyword research and uploading to both Createspace and Kindle marketplaces.

Updated Author Central and provided email sequences for use during launch. Crafted a launch plan of 7 days at $0.99 then increased price.

Achieved #1 best seller within 24 hours and $100 spent on advertising.

Lise Cartwright

Aug, 2014 — Present

I have formatted all of my own books for Createspace and Kindle as well as other marketplaces such as iBooks, Kobo, Google Play etc.

I write all my own book descriptions, run keyword research (using SEO knowledge) and have email sequences and funnels in place for each book.

I currently have 20+ books published.


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