Kathy Ehlenbach

Kathy Ehlenbach - Editor

Andover, Ohio, USA

Published author of 29+ books, experienced line editor/proofreader, former Special Ed teacher and romance writing contest judge.

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I have been an author since 2014, with 29 published novels and novellas. I have a keen eye for finding errors and began helping my friends proofread their books in 2017. What started as giving them a helping hand soon turned into paid work.

I take an author's Word doc with Track Changes enabled, and I read through the manuscript. I make changes as I go along and leave comments nothing things I like, or explaining changes I have made. Authors are free to accept or reject any change I make. I make two passes over each manuscript. I will set a completion deadline when I am hired and always meet that date.
English (US)
Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance
Writing & Publishing

Work experience


January, 2017 – Present (about 6 years)


August, 2014 – Present (over 8 years)

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