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Kathryn Jelinek – Editor

Editor, Perfectionist, Worldbuilder | Fantasy, Sci-Fi, LitRPG, Romance, Historical Fiction, and whatever you're writing are my favorites. :)


Hello, there!

My name is Kathryn, and I'm in the business of helping authors craft their very best stories.

I'm a developmental editor, which means I do quite a bit more than proofread. I find plot holes and suggest how to fill them, poke at worldbuilding to discover where it breaks, include reminders for body language, social cues, and the physics and anatomy that are sometimes overlooked, suggest how to clarify and improve narration, and generally provide support to authors looking to define—or elevate—their voice.

My favorite genres to work with include fantasy and high fantasy, fairytale and retellings, sci-fi, cyberpunk, historical fiction, litRPG, young adult and new adult, paranormal, romance, and urban fantasy.

I've gotten great feedback and reviews from every writer I've worked with, and the common threads are that I'm good at ensuring consistency and accuracy, give great suggestions for how to fill (or work around necessary) plot holes, am extremely thorough, and care about the characters and story as much as the author does—which I do.

My editing style is positive and constructive. I make changes and comments as suggestions so you have the ultimate decision-making power. I know how important it is to maintain your unique author voice. If I step on your toes, I want you to tell me so I can make it right. This is a partnership, and I am here to help you.

Fair warning: I provide a lot of feedback, even to work that needs little editing. This is to ensure your points (or humor, or heartbreaking moments, etc.) are hitting exactly how you intended. I don't pull my punches, though. If something is inherently wrong or downright bad, I will let you know. Generally, if I can think of a solution, I'll include suggestions as to how you might also fix the issues I find. I fact check, and I will question things that don't make sense. All this results in a lot of comments to sift through when your manuscript is returned.

I have worked with mostly new authors who find this level of communication extremely helpful, but if you are uncomfortable with large amounts of feedback, let me know. I'll work with you to deliver exactly the edits you need.

If you have any questions, please feel free to start a conversation. I'm sure we'll have a great time working together.
Coming of Age Gaming & LitRPG Historical Fiction Romance Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Young Adult
Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences
English (US)

Work experience


Aug, 2021 — Present

I provide developmental, structural, and line editing, proofreading, beta reading, critique, back cover blurb and description writing, ghostwriting services, and more.
I also help new authors, small businesses, and individuals create marketing content for websites, email, radio, social media, and anything else they need help with.

West Marine

May, 2017 — Aug, 2021 (over 4 years)

I wrote and edited content including but not limited to: informational articles, product descriptions, flyers, handouts, B2B and B2C emails, marketing materials, landing pages, catalogs, SEO content, and more.

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