Kathleen Connors

Kathleen Connors – Editor

Over 25 years exp in writing, copy editing, book production, and preparing docs for publication (IT/IS, humanities, creative, EFL, business)


I have co-produced and edited numerous books, in a range of genres, including work published by Oxford U Press and Cambridge U Press. My background includes -

Considerable work on top-tier developmental/content editing for scholars in tech and science, humanities and creative writing, and education (e.g. youth, college). I am a meticulous, thorough, flexible, and creative editor with impeccable references. I return work promptly,

Developed a new editing system where virtually all words/sentences added to improve content (outside of standard proofing) are highlighted, with many explained (in the version where Word Trackchanges are hidden) for ease of reading. So this approach also serves as writing tutorial if clients choose this level of editing.

Specialist in 20th C American artists/writers and history. Strong background in 19th-20th C Native American studies (e.g. Plains Indians, Arikara & Pawnee Tribes), world religions & cultures (e.g. Christian, Buddhist, Hindu), gender studies, feminist literature, natural medicine research (Tibetan, Ayurveda, herbal), and new science (quantum thinking, mind/body, speculative physics).

My own creative writing genre is dark humor (soft satire mostly), so I can go there too...

Children's Literary Fiction
History Technology
English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 1997 — Present

Extensive experience working for top scholars and authors in a wide range of disciplines, with specialty in strategic content editing, language simplification, creative writing input

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Jose L.

Jose L.

Sep, 2023

I was delighted to work with Kathleen. She always kept me informed and was very responsive to my questions and concerns. Her work was stellar. Her background in theology proved very useful to her work editing the manuscript and allowed her to suggest valuable contributions. I highly recommend her as an editor ;)

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