Judy Wilson

Judy Wilson – Designer

Hi. I am a professional children's book illustrator. My art is whimsical, joyful and cute. I have 12 years experience working with clients.


I create beautiful illustrations for picture books, board books, novelty books and non fiction too. I create front covers, format books and work with publishers and private clients. I work diligently and efficiently beyond the bounds of imagination in watercolor, gouache and digitally, to bring book manuscripts to life with a touch of magic for children to enjoy! I would describe my art as whimsical, bright and embellished with decorative accents which add to the story being told.

I love to add little details and charming touches which add humour and surprise to the reader. My favourite subjects to draw are anything in the genre of fairytale especially unicorns and fairies, our majestic animal kingdom, children and their incredible adventures and underwater worlds with mermaids. I am always open to fun and silly stories that need a dash of dreamy and adorable art, oh and I forgot to mention I would like to create a storybook set in space or another world!

Working with Zoe' on In My Father's Eyes; Affirmations for Boys from A-Z picture book

I collaborated with Judy Elizabeth on my first book, In My Father’s Eyes; Affirmations for Boys from A-Z. Judy was a joy to work with. As a first time author, I had many concerns and a question to accompany each one, but she made the entire illustration process seamless and enjoyable.
Her approach was very inclusive; she was knowledgeable, communicative and detailed. Judy took the time to get to know me personally, so she was able to understand and share the vision for our project. I am grateful to have met her. I am blessed to partner with her, and I look forward to our future works.

Creating Zaira's picture book The Orangery

For a children's book the illustrations are just as important as the story, if not more.

That's the first thing kids and their adults see. When I wrote the Orangery I had an idea of what I wanted the illustrations to look like. After I started working with Judy, that idea began to evolve and come to life.

The process was better than I expected. Besides being a wonderful person she was creative and welcomed my ideas. She also had great ideas and made characters kids can relate to. Characters with heart and with their own personalities. She also added beautiful colors and details all throughout the book. I work at an Elementary school and my students love looking at the illustrations.

Her expertise and experience helped the story turn, not only into a professional looking book, but also a beautiful work of art.

Children’s Non-Fiction
Picture Books
  • Tree of Life Painting - London Art College Competition 2012 - Runner Up
  • National Diploma in Fine Art

Work experience


Apr, 2010 — Present

The Magic Walnut by Dominic Leyton
Published by World's Fair LTD. 2013

​A Christmas Journey by Donald Hastings. 2014

​Sammy The Sensitive Seal by Lindsay Brant. 2015

A Friendly Friend by Judy Elizabeth Wilson. 2016

​Beside Brittany by Jessica Cassick
Published by Imagine. We. LLC. 2016

​Cora Cordelia
Published by Imagine. We. LLC. 2017

​Little Lottie and the Lying Octopus by Kathryn Anderson.
Published by Imagine. We. LLC. 2018

Little Tiger Coloring Book by Judy Elizabeth Wilson. 2018

The Best Fairy Colouring Book In The World by Judy Elizabeth Wilson. 2020

Bailey Bloom and the Battle of the Bug by Jill Rosensweig. 2020

In My Father's Eyes; Affirmations for Boys from A-Z by Zoe' B. Singleton. 2022

The Orangery by Zaira Miller. 2022