Judith Sanvicent

Judith Sanvicent – Marketer

I am a marketing professional who specializes in promoting books. Why books? I believe books are one of the crown jewels of any society.


I specialize in helping authors define their goals and accomplish their vision. I take their books at heart, I understand the key message and the purpose of each book. A marketing plan is produced and tailor-made to match the profile of the text. It focuses on helping the book and the author fly.
I have 10+ years of experience as a marketing strategist. I have worked at strange places such as Microsoft, Amazon, Nokia, Philips and Unilever. I hold an MBA of University of Victoria - the nicest university in British Columbia, if you ask me - and I currently live in Germany, temporarily.
Art Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management
Children's Christian Fiction Dystopian Fantasy Historical Fiction
  • Outstanding Leadership Award at Internet 2.0 conference - Dubai - 2023

Work experience


Feb, 2021 — Present

I specialize in developing marketing strategies suited to the specific needs of each book. I understand the clients strengths, the book potential and I start by building up on that. I take a step-by-step approach to build a solid foundation for every client. My knowledge is enriched by my previous experience working as marketing professional at large, multinational clients.

Confidential - an author services company

Oct, 2020 — Present

In parallel to my Book-Central role, I have the honor to be Marketing Director at a successful author services company. I started freelancing for them in 2016 and I have worked for more than 50 clients, my role with them evolved over the years.


American Christianity

To promote the book, I optimized Amazon's keywords and categories.
The book's video was promoted on Instagram with the following results (so far):
Over 400 likes, 20k plus impressions, 27k views, 80+ website visits
In parallel, the book is ranking #3 /#6 best seller in the Christian Liberation category.

Author Jerena Tobiasen

I started growing Jerena's newsletter and online presence from the ground up.
I posted content consistently on her meta channels along a Facebook ads investment of $10 CAD per month. Additionally, I ran Amazon ads for $20 USD per month, in average, for 3 months.
To support her books, I periodically showcase them with 445 independent book stores in the United States. I am running eblasts to 5000 + librarians in the United States.
Her current metrics are:
Meta combined followers: 543
Newsletter subscribers: 50 (grown organically, from zero and with a high engagement rate)
Library reach: 5000+
Independent book stores reach: 445
I also promoted Jerena's work on The London Review of Books which resulted in several interview opportunities, showcased at her website jerenatobiasen.ca

Invention is a Mother

I did an analysis of the Amazon keywords and categories for the author.
We adapted the categories to choose those closer to the book's audience and growth potential.
Within 2 weeks after implementing the new keywords and categories on Amazon, the book raised from down below to #8 best seller in one of the chosen categories.
Once the book reached 10 reviews, it got approved for a book-cave magnet promotion where it got more subscribers to the newsletter. In parallel, we ran a discounted promotion to increase sales.
The reviews keep growing organically.

Let's Talk by Mudita Nisker and Dan Clurman

Let's Talk launch was showcased at a leading podcast by Dan Harris - The 10 percent Happier.
In parallel, we prepared a website to host all the visitors coming from the podcast and we put social media content in place. The website received good traffic with 200+ new subscribers to the newsletter and immediate sales of 200+ books right after the podcast.
The exposure of the book spread as other renown podcasts invited the authors for interviews.
Let's Talk grew in number of Amazon reviews and in sales reaching around $500 USD as monthly average.

Their social media is still growing (it's not handled by me) but it is not a paramount channel for them at the moment since their podcast presence has been so strong.
The authors' Media Kit has been a helpful promotion tool.

The Price of Silence by Ulla Hakanson

Ulla's book got strong editorial reviews which won her a place in the lists of best reviewed books of the month with Indie Reader. The newsletter went out to 100K + recipients and resulted in increased sales.
Ulla got at least three 5-star reviews with different organisations.
She received an invitation to advertise the book with The London Review of Books (a publication I work with) and its partners in New York.

The Tome of Syyx

The Tome of Syyx grew rapidly benefiting from the traction that the fantasy D and D genre has online.
Together with the author, we started a mailing list from zero and reached 2K+ subscribers in a couple of months. Through the mailing list, sales increased. Additionally, the book was supported through collaborative promotions with other authors in the genre and through give-away promotions. Ads in bargain newsletters were also part of the mix.
The success of the book inspired the author to launch a sequel and to expand the newsletter to support similar books.
The cover of the book promoted its success on Instagram.


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