Jennifer Dowdell

Jennifer Dowdell

Chattanooga, TN, United States

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I am an aspiring Writer, seeking a fresh new lease on life. I want to seize the opportunity to create a positive outcome from an unfortunate situation, as I am currently unemployed. My chosen field of expertise, was and still is, an Administrative Assistant. During the course of my extensive career of 27 years, I've been told, on so many occasions, that I have a knack for writing, it's my niche, my Go-To card for success. Some have also said, that i missed my true calling, etc.... For so many years, I'd only viewed my writing as a hobby, dismissing all ideas and possibilities of my ever becoming successful, let alone, earning money from it. So, I call this temporary detour in my life, my financial Down Time. There's never been a better time than now, to discover myself. My high school Art Teacher, once told me, "You're going to do great in the corporate world, because you're brilliant. But you won't begin to truly live until you release and share your artistic abilities for all to see." I've discovered my passion. All I need now, is to put the wheels into motion and allow my Soul to smile.

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