Jan McClintock

Jan McClintock – Designer

I help authors become better writers and publish their work. Editing, book interior design and layout, publishing, and websites.


I am an editor on all levels. I create books and ebooks and I design and manage websites for authors. I assist authors with self-publishing, marketing, and social media.

I am an avid reader, United States Navy veteran, former technical writer, genealogist, history buff, christian, night owl, and am dedicated to my clients.
Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Christian Non-Fiction Computers & Internet Education & Reference History Nature Religion & Spirituality Technology
Christian Fiction Fantasy Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Romance Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Young Adult
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Mar, 2011 — Present

I edit fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, design and lay out print books, format ebooks, create accounts and upload files for major publishing platforms, and create and manage websites for self-publishing authors.

Lillie Ammann, A Writer's Words, and Editor's Eye

May, 2011 — Present

I am Lillie's editorial assistant and perform the digital publishing work for her clients.


Mercury & Sirius

Garcia-Bengochea, Debbie

"Healer's Heart" is a tribute to the healing power that lies within all of us, physicians and non-physicians alike. Through my experiences while becoming a physician, to the joys and heartaches and even the seemingly ordinary moments with my patients over four... read more
H. Rick Goff’s gift for storytelling makes you feel as if you are right there in the boat with him. "A Line in the Water" is a delightful book filled with faith, family, friends, and fishing. A fun and light-hearted read, perfect for transporting you to severa... read more
Terry Sumerlin has been a conference speaker and writer for twenty years. His work as a speaker has taken him to over twenty-five countries and much of the U.S., thus providing him with unique experiences and invaluable insights. Terry says: “Christian Leaders... read more
To Each His Own

Anna Albergucci

Douglass McGrail is a Scottish water horse—his clan the deadliest in the British Isle. When the shifter chooses to save—rather than eat—a young lassie, he never expects her innocent face to mark his memory so strongly. Months later, he stumbles onto a perceive... read more
How far would you go to reclaim your heart's desire?Devon has laid claim to Elz--marrying her in twenty-first-century America as well as nineteenth-century England. He hopes it will grant a respite from others who are drawn to the flame in her eyes.During a tr... read more
How far would you go to protect your heart's desire?Lovers entwine and old friends collide as Devon and Elz begin life anew in nineteenth-century England. Gone is the jaded man his family feared would never love, never marry. In his place stands a man complete... read more
How far would you go to keep your heart's desire?Previously in The Phoenix Decree Saga... Devon's pursuit of his beloved Elz led him from his castle in nineteenth-century England to a nightclub in twenty-first-century America.Elz danced before me. I watched he... read more
This stirring tale of survival and hope chronicles the journey of two friends from the horrors of World War II to a quest for athletic mastery. Boudreaux and Johnny try to overcome their post-war bitterness with the help of new friends and an antique golf club... read more
The clash of societies along the Texas Frontier in the last half of the nineteenth century produced a violent struggle between the people of two very different cultures. Unspeakable atrocities and carnage were inflicted by each side. The novel follows some of ... read more
Scamper With the Peanut Butter Feet

Patricia Eytcheson Taylor

Book 1 of Scamper, the Mischievous Squirrel: Scamper was a big gray squirrel who lived in Aunt Boo‛s yard. His greatest enjoyment came from annoying her. He helped himself to the best fruits from her prize orchard, took the biggest nuts from her pecan trees, a... read more
“God has promised us a safe landing but not a smooth journey.” I don’t know who uttered those words, but they express a central truth of the Christian life—Christians aren’t immune from the problems associated with being human. Even a casual reading of the Bib... read more
Acrostics are word puzzles in which the word itself is broken down and used to form other descriptive words around an idea. The word becomes rounded out and elaborated upon, embroidered into a beautiful pattern of ideas. IDEA becomes Image Defining Each Acrost... read more
Jack Jordan Ammann Jr was smart, funny, opinionated,assertive, upbeat, generous, tenacious, independent, determined, self-confident, perfectionistic, and unconventional. He enjoyed three careers during his lifetime: industrial engineer, peace officer, and scho... read more
Message in a Word MEANS EXPLORING SPECIFIC SUBJECT AND GETTING ENLIGHTMENT IN NUTSHELL AS WRITTEN ORACLE REVEALED DEITY. Words can heal or hurt, save or destroy. Words are so important that the Bible describes Jesus as The Word. Often we have tunnel vision and... read more
"Doing It Right" is an easy-to-read guide to achieving financial freedom. It addresses spending, debt, retirement planning, insurance, taxes, estate planning and more. By making a few minor changes, the author believes that anyone can achieve financial freedom.
Children of the Revolution is the story of the progeny of patriot Adam Mitchell, who fought during the American Revolution at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on March 15, 1781. This pivotal battle culminated in his cornfields, which adjoined the one-acre sit... read more
In his ninety-plus years, George Vakey has experienced a life that most people can’t even imagine. George was motivated to share his story when a writer researching World War II interviewed him. He studied agriculture at Texas A&M until the attack on Pearl Har... read more
Swimming in the mortar-riddled shallows of the East China Sea. Jumping off bridges into the barracuda-infested waters of the Florida Straits. Trudging through a fresh snowfall in the pristine silence of a New England forest. Hunting the elusive pheasant in the... read more

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Christian Luigi Russo

Christian Luigi R.

Alien, book designer and illustrator. I'm a full-time furby, way-loo with me your booklish desires! Your wishes are my book.

Torre del Greco, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

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Dan Van Oss

Dan V.

I specialize in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Thriller covers, and will work with you to make sure your cover is both creative and commercial.

Solon, Iowa, USA

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Shannon Pallatta

Shannon P.

Thoughtful designer with 5 years experience in kids' nonfiction at National Geographic, with cover + interior work in art, poetry, and more.

New York, NY, USA

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