Ekta Garg

Ekta Garg – Editor

I'm a R.eviewer-E.ditor-A.uthor-D.reamer. Stories are my passion, and I love helping other writers get the words on the page.


I am a writer and editor with a passion for the written word. From my experience in my teens as a spelling bee champion to my first job as a professional writer and editor, I know words are essential even in this fast-paced world. A Phi Beta Kappa, I have been trained in one of the best journalism schools in the country; my talent, passion, and drive have been honed to offer any employer the best in efficiency and organization. The variety of my experience -- I've written about healthcare, home improvement, and Hindi films -- allows me to adapt quickly. I welcome a challenge to try something new because I know my skills will enhance any publication and add to it a fresh voice.
Action & Adventure Anthologies Cultural & Ethnic Historical Fiction Mystery & Crime Short Story Women's Fiction
Biographies & Memoirs
English (US)
  • New Millennium Writings, flash fiction semi-finalist, 2016
  • New Millennium Writings, flash fiction finalist, 2017
  • UW-Madison Writers' Institute writing contest, mainstream fiction, 2nd place, 2019
  • MSJ, Magazine publishing, Medill School of Journalism, 2002

Work experience


Feb, 2010 — Present

The Write Edge has provided me the opportunity to publish my own work and keep my writing skills sharp. It has also given me the outlet to meet other fantastic writers, to connect with them, and to be hired as their editor. Lastly, I use it as a landing zone for my other blogs.

LLM Publications

Jan, 2012 — Mar, 2013 (about 1 year)

The Scribe is the member newspaper of the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland. I edited and managed this monthly publication for the medical community of Portland, Oregon.

The Bollywood Ticket

Jan, 2010 — Dec, 2010 (11 months)

• I reviewed DVD releases of Bollywood films for this site designed as a reference for American viewers.
• I wrote articles for the Commentary section on my opinions of Bollywood film trends.
• I edited film reviews written by other writers for the site.


Aug, 2009 — Jul, 2010 (11 months)

• I wrote articles featured in the monthly publication for South Asian women.
• I was the editor of the Parenting and the Wellness departments.
• I was an interim editor of the Love and Sex department and the Cuisine department

Pamplin Media Group (formerly Community Newspapers Inc.)

Nov, 2005 — Jan, 2008 (about 2 years)

* I was the editor of and a writer for The Scribe, Portland's premier bi-monthly medical newspaper; in my first six months I doubled the newspaper's page count from a minimum of 8 pages per issue to 16 to 20 pages per issue.
* I was the editor of and a writer for the magazines of the annual home tours organized by Portland's Home Builders Association and managed these magazines while running the medical newspaper.
* For both publications I managed story assignments for four freelancers, helped them negotiate pay rates, and kept track of invoices received and paid.
* I was the editor and sole writer of a special multicultural publication promoting Portland's ethnic groups and businesses; this publication was part of a major campaign to attract professional ethnic groups to Portland.
* I was the editor and writer of the special magazine section in the Gresham, Ore. chamber of commerce directory.


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Crosby, Bette Lee

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INTERRUPTED DREAMS is an entirely new look at the Titanic tragedy of 1912. A journey through the days before, during and after Titanic’s maiden voyage, it is a heartfelt window into the lives of those faced with mortality and loss.In Part 1, Algerian-born Mali... read more
Cold Flood

R. J. Corgan

For geologist Kea Wright, when a volcano erupts under and ice cap, it isn't just a good time, it's a living.Camped at the base of an icecap in southeast Iceland, Kea and her team are investigating landforms created by catastrophic floods. With only days left i... read more
Heart of a Child

Cayce Berryman

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Ellen L. Buikema M.Ed.

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