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Becky Blanton – Editor

Ghostwriter, TED Global speaker, best-selling author, and graphic designer. Part-time van dweller.


I'm curious about YOU. With more than six billion people on the earth, I'll never meet them all - duh. But I do want to meet as many as possible in the time I have left. And I want to hear, and help you tell your story, share your insights, or reach the readers you want to reach. I'm a ghostwriter, graphic artist, and publisher with more than 30 years of experience in content generation, book cover design, editing, developmental editing, and formatting. I love working with individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations to create great content that gets results.


A memoir is NOT a biography, it's an adventure. Memoirs are built around a THEME in your life, be it a coming of age, being part of a national tragedy, child of alcoholics, whatever, it's about something you learned that changed your life in a dramatic way.

I particularly love writing "Business memoirs." A business memoir is a memoir about your life, time in business. While many memoirs are crafted around a lousy childhood, alcoholic or drug-addicted parents, and a rags-to-riches theme, what more and more readers want is to hear how you made it in your business. Yes, your childhood, or upbringing is relevant, but readers want to know how you turned lemons into a multi-million dollar empire or became a doctor in spite of living in your car all through med-school, that kind of inspiration.

We all have hard lives, and some are harder than others. People love an underdog story, something about overcoming adversity and succeeding in business, or publishing. Maybe your YouTube channel never had more than 12 followers, all of them family members and ex-spouses keeping track of you. Then you hit on a formula that got you the coveted YouTube plaque. HOW did you do it? That's what readers of a business memoir want to know. They want to see that you were once a smuck like them, digging in their car's ashtray to find quarters to buy a McDonald's cheeseburger. Then, you figured out, over time and trials and lots of life drama, how to succeed. THAT'S the kind of memoir that's selling. For an example, look at SHOE DOG, by Nike Founder Phil Knight. THAT is a business memoir. Phil describes all the drama, hate, and trials that went into becoming the most famous sports/shoe brand in the world. And, entrepreneurs can learn from the lessons he talks about in his book. You have that in you too.

Isn't it time to think about writing your own memoir? Maybe it's about business, or sailing, or cars, or whatever you love. It doesn't have to be about your childhood or anything overtly dramatic. It just has to share what you know with people/readers who probably don't know it. It can fun, funny, and light as well dark and moody. It's up to you. What do you know that you'd like to share with people? Think about it, then contact me.

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Work experience


Mar, 2021 — Present

Mobile Memoir, LLC is a new company I started with the express purpose of traveling around the country and teaching people how to write their own memoirs. My business plan includes a live-in van, and teaching at campgrounds, adult and/or child camps, resorts, and companies who want to learn the art of telling their stories.


Mar, 2009 — Present

After speaking at TED Global in 2009 I returned to Virginia and started a ghostwriting/copywriting business. I haven't stopped writing since. I partner with aspiring authors who want to write their memoir and business owners who want to publish their books on leadership. You don't have to be rich or famous to write a book - just committed to seeing it through.


Jan, 2009 — Present

I write best-selling books for my clients. (12 in 12 years). I currently have an Amazon number ONE best-seller, Journey to Midnight by Matt Griffin (attributions to me inside cover and in acknowledgments); and a number FOUR best-seller, Do No Harm, by a two-man author team, Police Chief of Santa Monica, California - Ramon Bastista, and Business coach Mark Ziska. I recently designed two book covers for Chip Scanlan, an eight-time Pulitzer nominee, and retired from writing coach. His book, "Writers on Writing: Inside the lives of 55 distinguished writers and editors" includes an interview with me, and several Pulitzer winners, New York Times writers, and more. His book, "Writers on Writing: The journal, " is complete with writing prompts, coaching tips, and inspirational quotes . All books are for sale on


Oct, 1983 — Present

I was a journalist and photojournalist for 23 years. After I left journalism I became a full-time ghostwriter and blogger. I've also been a graphic designer, first for the Tennessee Valley Authority, then as a free-lancer. I've written for magazines for almost 40 years, including Dog Fancy, Airstream Life, Outdoors, and others.

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