Anna Shvets

Anna Shvets - Designer

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Book designer and Director at Neshama Books. Passionate about fiction, poetry and memoirs. Love creating both covers and interiors.

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I am passionate about literature and committed to creating books that look and feel exquisite. Each book project is special and is treated in a unique way when it comes to page layouts, cover designs and typefaces. However, there are certain book design standards I adhere to in order to make books appealing to readers. When working with authors, my intention is to discover together how to achieve the most effective visual presentation of author’s words. The goal is to create a rewarding and joyful experience that leads to the best possible result. Each book that comes into being is a reflection of this collaboration resulting in a unique and elegant work of art that is also legible and appealing to its readers. My lifelong interest in and immense appreciation of languages and literature help me understand the needs of each particular book and its author.Book design is a craft that draws on many traditions and only a few accepted rules. There is no single acceptable way to design books, no formula, no recipe. Each book is unique. Each designer’s approach to book design is equally unique. When I work on a book, I focus on a set of unique problems it represents, and that determines what rules I adhere to and to what extent. Even though I develop and follow my own way of designing for each book I work on, I remain open to other, often better, ways of designing it. Although I will not necessarily agree to any possible violation of standards, I will value your input and encourage your participation in all stages of design process. My goal is to make your book design experience as inclusive, creative, and rewarding as possible, while achieving the goal of creating a book that best serves your literary work.
Cultural & Ethnic
Historical Fiction
Humor & Comedy
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
Picture Books
Science Fiction
Short Story
Thriller & Suspense
Biographies & Memoirs
Cooking & Food Wine & Spirits
Health & wellbeing
Home & Garden
Medicine & Nursing & Dentistry
Parenting & Families
Religion & Spirituality
Self-help & Self-improvement
Sex & Relationships

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