Alexandra Gentara

Alexandra Gentara – Translator

German bestselling author (romance), editor and translator specialising on romance novels and Science Fiction (don't ask ... ;)


As a German bestselling author (Katelyn Faith, romance) I have been editing and translating novels for several years now. I have a Bachelor degree in German and English (from 1998, that is – yes, I am that "old") and I love romantic and naughty novels with a twist and some good sense of humour.

I do editing for German novels and also translation editing and have recently started to translate novels from English to German myself. While translating, I can combine all my skills best, so that you get the best translation for your book that you can wish for. I work with professional editors to make sure the quality for your translation is outstanding.
Chick Lit Contemporary Fiction Contemporary Romance Fantasy Military Science Fiction Post-Apocalyptic Romantic Comedy Young Adult
English to German

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Jan, 2017 — Present

Please find my references on my website, I will update them there frequently.

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