Anne Billson

Anne Billson – Editor

I'm an experienced journalist, film critic, novelist, translator, editor and screenwriter.


I have been writing about film for over 40 years, primarily for British publications such as The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, Elle, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Tatler, Time Out and Sight & Sound. In 2001 I relocated from London to Paris, where I lived for 10 years before moving to Belgium.

I have written several books about film, as well as a number of well-received horror novels. In 2003 I was included on Granta's List of Best Young British Novelists (Salman Rushdie , who was on the selection panel, called me "a superb satirist"), and in 2015 was chosen by the British Film Institute as one of “25 Female Film Critics Worth Celebrating.”

I have a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design from Central School of Art & Design in London (1973-1976), have worked as a professional photographer (1979-1986), and in the past decade have branched out into editing, proofreading and French-to-English translation.
Horror Humor & Comedy
French to English
  • Nominee for Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel (1993)
  • BA Hons in Graphic Design, Central School of Art & Design, London (1976)

Work experience


Oct, 1993 — Mar, 2001 (over 7 years)


The Coming Thing

Billson, Anne

Stiff Lips

Billson, Anne

The Half Man

Anne Billson

'The Half Man is an eldritch place!' What is the secret of The Half Man, a creepy old inn on the windswept coast of Norfolk? Vic, a low-ranking foot soldier from London's gangland, has orders to find out what it is and bring it back to his boss... or else. But... read more
In 1959, Russ Meyer revolutionized the American sex film industry with The Immoral Mr. Teas, which introduced humor and storytelling into a genre that had hitherto been lacking in them. This and the films that followed earned him the nickname "King of the Nudi... read more
Cats on Film

Anne Billson

What is a Catguffin? Which type of cat is more dangerous - a Catzilla or a Pussilla? What is the difference between a Catagonist and a Heropuss? And what exactly did Jones the cat say to the xenomorph in Alien? All these questions and many others are answered ... read more
An alien entity that can take any living form invades an isolated scientific research station in the Antarctic. John Carpenter's The Thing is best known for some of the most startling visual effects--surreal, lurid, shocking perversions of the human body --eve... read more
“There it was again. More scrabbling. No question about it now. Someone, or something, was scratching at the window. Someone, or something, wanted me to open it up and let them in...” John Croydon is out of his depth. His latest client is classy, beautiful and... read more

Anne Billson

'Everywhere you looked, there would be women dressed in black - white faces, black hair, mouths painted scarlet. It was The Look. You saw it on the street. You saw it on the covers of magazines. You saw it presenting arts programmes on TV.And some of us saw it... read more
Anne Billson has been writing about films for four decades. Now she has collected over 4000 of her reviews into one book. You won't find reviews of every film ever made here, or reviews of the latest blockbusters, but you will have fun browsing (and probably d... read more

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