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Freelancer FAQ


How do I create my Reedsy profile?

You want to join Reedsy as a freelancer? Great news! The first step towards activation on our Marketplace is to create a profile showcasing your experience. What's a Reedsy profile? Reedsy allows publishing professionals to create beautiful user profiles. In many ways, your profile is like a book cover: your first interaction with potential clients and something you will be judged on. Profil...
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How do I add books to my portfolio?

Looking to showcase your work? Here’s how you can add your books to your profile 📚 The portfolio is the secret weapon for any freelancer — nothing proves your competence better than the actual work you’ve done! All you need is the URL of the books’ pages from Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books, or Reedsy Discovery. Here’s how it works: Go to Apple Books, Amazon US, or Google Play and search fo...
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How do I add an intro video to my profile?

You've added your work experience and uploaded your portfolio. Now you want to help authors get to know you a bit better. A great way to do that is to add short introduction video to your profile 🎬 Lights, camera, action! Before you press record, make sure you’ve prepared what you want to say. Here are a few pro tips: Sit at arm's length and look into the camera; Try to keep the light in fr...
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What happens after I complete my Reedsy profile?

Here’s what to expect… Once you’ve taken your profile to the 100% mark, it’ll automatically be submitted to our team for review. We receive hundreds of applications every week and only approve a handful of professionals. To give yourself the best chance, make sure you add as much information as possible, proofread your profile, and polish all the details 🤓 If you are selected to be part of o...
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I have completed my profile but I haven’t been activated. Why?

Reedsy is very selective and unfortunately, we sometimes have to decline more applications than we'd like to. However, here are some of the reasons why we may not have selected your submission: Your profile was incomplete. Your profile contained typos. Your profile contained external links. You needed more work experience. Reedsy requires at least 3 years of experience working with top publ...
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Verifying your identity

Why is ID verification required We make an effort to keep the Reedsy marketplace a safe and trusted space. With that in mind, we sometimes request professionals to submit proof of their identity. This is so we can be confident that the talent in our community is genuine. Verifying your ID is the last step before your profile is visible on the marketplace and available for requests. How to ve...
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